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Transcripción de video
There's a truck right there this guy's searches for stuff lost underwater, he's found phones jewelry, He's even found weapons but today he's got the ultimate find. check this out. A car. how crazy is that? right and he goes. this is my mate Jake if you lose anything under water guys, he is the guy to call he documents it all on his YouTube channel. What he's doing now is just hooking up the car so we can pull it out. and we're gonna see what condition this car is in. They're now starting to pull this thing up. Hopefully I had everything connected to the way they needed it. We're about to find out. Yeah we are this is exciting. It's getting tight. It's like fishing. Alright guys. the truck is coming out right now. a lot a lot of water everywhere in it man. You want me to go back in there and put it in Park. I guess I need all the wheels locked up. It's very eerie going in the truck man. Alright. So what you gonna do is put this thing in Park. I got the emergency break on, but the ones that going in yeah, I can imagine that it would feel kind of freaky. Actually looks pretty good condition. It's no major damage on the outside. My God look at all that water. Oh what a nightmare? Only thing this car will be good for is parking it in your backyard using it as a swimming pool, grabbing a few berries and bring your mates around make the best out of the situation. Is it salvageable? Oh no. Stick it in a Bowl of rice, she'll be right. That doesn't look good. But look how clean it looks. it looks like it's just going through the drive thru wash. Oh this poor guy he's the owner. I've been a good work I've been in and out of the shop a lot. but a lot of money and I had to fix it up and I just wanna tell you thank you again for coming out. No worries. Alright so Jake's just explaining that he actually set up a GoFundMe page so that the owner could go and buy a whole new truck and they actually raised over $10000.