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Trek4Tati #endNF

Lara Gema • 2 de agosto de 2020
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Our NJ Shine a Light NF Walk is only 5 weeks away, and though we are having a virtual walk this year we still plan on holding a pretty awesome event! I'm asking friends and family to sign up and walk wherever you are to help us #endNF!!
We have been blessed this year to have Tati back on Selumetinib/Koselugo the FIRST FDA approved drug for NF tumors!! She's been on and off this drug from the Phase 1 trial to now being able to be prescribed this medication that has before, and is again, SHRINKING TUMOR!!! We could not have done it without C.T.F. and Y.O.U.!!!

Here is the link to register and Walk with us:

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