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500 feet, the jump master or team leader, is looking out the door of the aircraft and the jumpers are out and the smoke is on. We now have members of the Army Golden Knights rapidly approaching speeds of 120 miles per hour. The initial part of the formation is called the base and it forms quickly as these jumpers use their hands arms legs and shoulders to safely complete the formation they now separate and. Our bombers maneuver. ladies and gentlemen, the high-flying black and gold of your very own United States Army Parachute team The Golden Knights. The aerial demonstration that you are seeing tonight is designed to showcase the maneuver ability of the human body as it flies through the air and while under canopy these jumpers are performing three separate maneuvers for you this evening one was a Mass formation that we just witnessed two. We'll be a side-by-side. Can it be formation and three the ever difficult 1200 square foot flag the jumpers performing. Sergeant first class Trey first class chadd. performing our side by side canopy maneuver is staff Sergeant Morgan George and Sergeant First Class Ryan O 'rourke and finally performing the difficult 1200 square foot drop maneuver the team leader of the demonstration team flying the predominantly black and gold canopy Sergeant Roman Groh At thousand feet, these jumpers can hear you very well. Ladies and gentlemen, now our National anthem. Ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States. Wow. Having a good time. Members of Congress. members of my Cabinet and my fellow Americans, the first lady and I are delighted to welcome you to the second annual salute to America. On this wonderful day. we celebrate our history our heroes our heritage. a great American flag and our freedom. happy fourth of July to everyone. I wanna thank the US Army Golden Knights for that truly inspiring display tremendous talent to Golden Knights and every member of the armed forces here this evening. We just wanna say that you have earned the eternal gratitude of our entire nation 240 - four years in Philadelphia, the 56 signers of our declaration of independence, pledged their lives And their honor boldly proclaimed eternal truth that we are all made equal by God. Thanks to the courage of those Patriots on July fourth 1770 - six. the American Republic stands today as the greatest most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world, our workers our factories have revolutionized industries and lifted millions into prosperity Architects and engineers have inspired the globe with transcendent works of beauty. American heroes defeated the Nazis. dethroned the fascists top of the Communist idd. American values up appealed American principles. and down the terrorists to the very ends of the Earth We are now. Of defeating the radical left the Marxists, the anarchists the educators the looters and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing. Our inventors scientists, doctors and researchers have improved the lives of billions and billions of people all around the world. Our brave astronauts. planted the American flag on the moon in America will be the first nation to land on Mars. All Americans living today are the heirs of this magnificent legacy. We Are the descendants of the most daring. and courageous. people ever to walk on the face of the Earth. We inherit their towering confidence unwavering enthusiasm They're on Brian Ambition. and they're unrelenting. Optimism This is the untamed spirit that built this glorious nation. and this is the spirit that burns brightly within the soul every American patriot. That is why pay tribute to generations of American heroes whose names have etched on our monuments and memorials. and in the pages of history and in hearts. Of a very grateful people. we will never allow an angry up to tear down our statues ara our history indoctrinate children or trample on our freedoms. We will safeguard our values traditions customs and beliefs We will teach our children to cherish and adore their country so that they can build its future together we will fight for the American Dream. and we will defend protect and preserve. American way of life, which began in 1492. Columbus discovered America. Jobs and companies are coming back to our country like never before the power tariffs being imposed on foreign lands that took advantage of the United States for decades and decades have enabled us to make great trade deals where there were none. tens of billions of dollars are now paid to the United States trade by the same countries. But And then. We got him by the virus that came from China. And we've made a lot of progress Our strategy is moving along well it goes out in one area and wess back. it's ugly face in another area. but we've learned a lot We've learned how to put out the flame. we've made ventilators where there were none by the tens of thousands to the point that we. have far more. than we need and we are now distributing them to many foreign. As a gesture of good will. likewise testing. there were no test for a newest, but now we have tested almost 40 million people. by so doing we showcases 99 percent of which are totally harmless. results. that no other country. Can show because no other country is testing that we have not in terms of the numbers or in quality. and now just like. everything else. we have become the manufacturer and record for ventilators. We have the most finest testing anywhere in the world and we are producing gowns and masks and surgical equipment in our country. We're here to four it was almost. Exclusively made in foreign lands in particular China. where ironically this virus and others came from. China secrecy dictions and cover up a loud spread all over the world. 189 countries. and China must be held fully accountable. With respect to remedies, we are now doing unbelievable well and our deepest on vaccines trips and Therapeutics. I want to send our thanks to the scientists and researchers around the country and even around the world who are at the forefront of our historic effort to develop and deliver life saving treatments and ultimately a vaccine. we are. Our nation's scientific brilliance. and will likely have a therapeutic and vaccine solution. long before the end of the year. We're very grateful to be in this evening by Americans. battling on the front lines to kill the virus. I just wanna say. that America thank you, please stand please. Thank you very much great brilliant people. These are great and brilliant people. Thank you and brave people. Our movement based on lifting. all citizenss to reach their fullest God-given potential. Never forget one family and one nation. this rich heritage belongs to every citizen young old first generation. American. we wanna go from first generation to tenth generation. It matters not we are. We are from the USA. This great heritage belongs to citizens of every background. and of every walk of life, no matter our race color religion or creed. We are one America and we put America first. We will not allow anyone to divide our citizenss by race or background. we will now them to. ferment. discord and distrust we will last and true to the sacred loyalties that link us all as neighbors as Americans and as Patriots in every age there have always been those who seek to lie about the past in order to gain power in the present. Are lying about our history Those who want us to be ashamed of who we are not interested in Justice or in healing their goals. demolition Our goal is not to destroy. the greatest structure on Earth. what we have built. the United States of America. to build a future. Family is safe. where every child is surrounded by love. where every community has equal opportunity and every citizen enjoys great and everlasting dignity Our past is not a burden to be cast away. It is not a miraculous foundation that will lift us to the next great summit of human endeavor this incredible. American Progress is the story of each generation picking up with the last finish linked by time by faith and the eternal bonds of our National. affection. Those who would ever those bonds would cut us off from the wisdom. The courage, the love and the devotion. that gave us everything we are today. and everything we strive for tomorrow we cannot let that happen We will not throw away our heroes We will honor them and we will prove worthy of their. These are great heroes. Let me also say a word to those in the media who falsely and consistently. labeled their opponents as racists who condemn patriotic citizens who offer a clear and truthful defense. Of American unity, that's what our people are doing We want a clear and faithful to of American history. And we want unity when you level this false charges. you're not only slander me. you're not only slander the American people, but you slued generations of heroes who gave their lives for America. Lander people much braver and more principled you're slandering the young man who raised the flag at Iwo Jima and those who pair it fighting for freedom in the civil war you slander them. You are honoring. their great legacy and their memory. by insisting that they fought. for and they fought for oppression. They didn't I for those things they fought for the exact opposite. We will not let the legacy of these heroes be tarnished by you the more you lie. the more you. Durham the more you try to demean the more we will work hard to tell the truth and we will win. The more you lie. and demean and collude. the more credibility you lose. We. want to bring the country together. and a free and open media will make this task a very easy one. Our country will be United after all. what do we all want We want a strong military great education. housing. low taxes. law and order we want safety. We want equal Justice. We want religious liberty We want faith and family and live in great community and happy communities and safe communities and we want. And we wanna be respected by the rest of the world, not taken advantage of by the rest of the world, which has gone on for a decade after decade. we should all want the same thing. How can a different than those things the more better you become the more we will appeal to love and patriotism and the more we will rise above your head to the better future for every child in our great country to celebrate America. Majestic inherit Today I signed an executive order. create a brand-new monument to our beloved icons the National Guard of American Heroes will be a vast outdoor Park that will feature. the statues of the greatest Americans who have ever lived. We will honor extraordinary citizenss from every community and from every place. Every part of our nation. great men and great women. people that we can look up to forever. families will be able walk among the statues of Titans and we have already selected the first 30 legacies and 30 legends. And why don't we start with? a man who's been very unfairly treated who two years ago three years ago, especially five or six years ago. people would have said it's impossible. to even attempt to try and disturb his. incredible legacy and success. George Washington. Imus Jefferson. Betsy Ross Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Franklin John Adams. James Madison, Dolly Madison, The Great Frederick Douglass Abraham Lincoln. Harriet Tubman, Harriet beat your soul. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Clara Barton Daniel Davey Crockett Henry Susan B Anthony. Booker, T Washington. Orville and Wilbur Wright, who are looking down and you're gonna see some planes like you have never seen before because we build them better than anybody in the world Greatest Air Force the greatest fighters the greatest everything you're gonna be seeing something I just wonder what Orville and Wilbur would have been thinking. if they ever got to see that. but they're looking they're checking it out right now, along with us Emmi Earhart. A great athlete no matter where he went, He was the best athlete Jackie Robinson. George S. Patton General Patton. He didn't know he didn't know how to lose General Douglas MacArthur. Odie Murphy. The great Billy Graham. An incredible man respected by everybody. Martin Luther King. President Ronald Reagan Krista Mcauliffe and Antonin Scalia. So those are. just a few of the people will be gaming and things are subject to change, but once we make decision those great names are going to be up there and they're never coming down. It's been an incredible group and we are going to do this in a very Democratic way. Frankly, we're going to take names and suggestions we're going to have and we're gonna pick the greatest people that this country has ever known the most respected. The people that helped us the most and the people that we can look up to and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can do into the future and they can say. isn't America just a tremendous place? so thank you that will be very exciting. The Patriots, who built our country We're not villains they were heroes whose courageous deeds improved the Earth beyond measure the beauty of the glory of our constitutional system is that it gives us the tools to fight injustice to heal the division and to continue the work of our founding fathers by expanding growing the blessings of America if you believe in Justice if you believe in freedom if you believe in peace, then you must. The principles of our founding. and the text of our Constitution, It's our founding and our Constitution. It is a firm foundation upon which all progress is achieved. That's why our country is so strong evi terrible things that happened over the generations here this evening are a number of heroes who risked their own lives to oppose. These values and to keep our communities and our country safe we are joined by the outstanding law enforcement officers been able. to fight on frontlines protecting our city's many of them facing down violent assaults from very bad people. We are especially moved to be joined by the family. A great man fallen officer David Dorn a 38 year veteran. of the Saint Louis Police Department, who was killed last month in the city, voted his life to defending. And to David's great family, I wanna Thank you very much the American people will always support the courageous men and women of law enforcement and nobody nobody embodies that better than David. Thank you very much please. And David is looking down right now and he is so proud of you and he loves you so much and thank you for being here. It's a great man. It's a great man. Finally tonight we will salute the greatness and loyalty and valor of the men and women who have defended our independence for 240 - four years. We will honor the amazing men and women of the United Never in history has a nation you so much power to advance so much good battlefields across the world and here at home are marked with the gravestones of young Patriots who spent their fired at moments on this Earth to secure Liberty and peace Every Child. should be taught the military heroes who fought and died to make us free. These are great people. These are great. Indeed, And our greatest leaders and heroes should be recognized and even immortalized for coming generations to see you know that this will make our country even stronger long into the future A few moments we will bear witness to awesome aircraft representing every major military conflict over the last 75 years. these planes once launched off. Massive aircraft carriers and the fierce battles of World War two they raised through the skies of Korea's mihaly They carried American into the dense field in jungles of Vietnam They deliver a swift and sweeping you know that's sweeping it was swift and it was sweeping like nobody's ever seen anything happen of the in Operation Desert Storm a lot. Are involved in that. a lot of you were involved. That was a quick one and they've. gone on to dangerous all around the world to take out terrorists and bring our soldiers home safely. as you know. we've killed this last year, the two terrorists of the last 10 years our Baghdad and Soliman killed Gunn over. We've worked to fill all the armed forces of the United States No-I on Earth stands a chance two point, five trillion dollars we've invested all made in the USA. We've never had anything near the power and the equipment that we have right now. we did that over the last three years where these Croft have flown they've rained down American Thunder delivered American Justice and they have fiercely defended every square inch of American. In their steel frames, wings and roaring engines, we see the story of America's daring defiance It''s, soing spirit and undying resolve throughout our history. Our country has been tested and tried We have always fought to victory. Our way of life and threaten our ancestors have responded with the same resounding answer as those first page to fought for independence We are Americans and we never back down. We never give in and we never give up and we will never yield defense of our nation. We love our nation We will only fight to win today we thank for the gift of life and for the blessing of. We honor the legends of our history the glories of our founding fathers and the giants of the past bross of today who keep us safe who keep us strong and proud and to keep us free once again. Happy July Fourth Our country is in great shape Our military has never been stronger and many good things are going to happen next year and one of. Years we've ever had I wanna thank our men and women they are so good of the National parks Air traffic control and the United States Military God bless you. God bless our heroes. God bless America now let the flyovers begin. Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome World-renowned Air Show announcer Robb RR as he walks us through our salut of air power from World War two to the future. Please enjoy good evening Mister President and Madame First lady in Dist Guests. I'm Rob Ryder and I'm on your narrator for an aerial review to celebrate our Independence Day Our flyovers tonight will showcase airpower across time look at the screen. And look above. representing World War two after we were brought into World War two by the bombing of Pearl Harbor approaching first two very important airplanes known as 40 -sevens, they were the military designation for the Douglass, D C- three the airliner that changed the way America travel carrying 28 paras troopers They were also involved in the D-Day invasion over a thousand of them and that operational alone on June sixth 1944. Thousand of these aircraft were built. Following that as we move from Heritage to Horizons and continuing in World War 21 of the most famous of all time, you can see it in the Center of this formation, It is the Boeing B 17 bomber over 12700 of these were built flying daring daylight raids over Europe bombing targets military targets and industrial targets and Nazi Europe and on the wings the escort fighters among the most. Known aircraft of all time the North American Aviation P 50 - one Mustang over 15000 of those were built they among others were flown by the famed Tuskegee Airmen, The Tuskegee Airmen flew 15000 swords in Europe and North Africa during the war, earning the name by request the rael engines on the B 17 the Rolls-Royce Design Packard Witt Merlin engines powering all of those aircraft. Of the more than 15000 of those P 50 -ones built between 1940 and 1945 about a hundred 60 remaining of the world today, then Senator Harry Truman said War investigating Committee called the Mustang the most arrogant perfect pursuit plane in existence at the beginning of the war, even though we were attacked by Japan, a great deal of Went to our allies in Europe who were in being overrun by Nazi Germany, however. the C 47 that we saw were not only active in the European Theater but along with its nature, outer part, the RD were key to the allied campaign through Guadalcanal, New Guinea and Berman support the Chinese forces fighting the light traveling to these army more mundane of it's probably of greater importance was the use of the C 47 to haul urgently need personnel and supplies, including fuel and. In all theaters of the war, the C 47 flew missions over the Himalayas to China, leading to the many of the techs that would be used in the Berlin airlift of 1948 to 49 as the war in Europe wind down the P 51 Mustang became more common eventually with the capture of Ewa Gemma, it was able to be used bomber escort during Boeing b- 29 Super Fortresses against the Japanese land Fighting men and women were being pounded by the Japanese at every turn in the day and those at home needed a more boost President Roosevelt put his military planners to work on a plan to bomb the Japanese homeland that Island country had an attack on its own soil in over 2000 years, and they felt invincible depending on who's accounts you read Lieutenant Jimmy Dolittle in a general from the Army Air Force, a restaurant and dual hats to plan. but the general. But after a while it might work, it was to involve of military hardware, never intended to work together and on April eighteenth 1942 just four months after Pearl Harbor two of these aircraft approaching from the right the b- 25 Mitchell bombers that normally took a third of a mile to take off were launched from the US aircraft carrier Hornet in only 467. Damage the 16 planes did to the Japanese homeland minimal, but they're feeling of invincibility was broken and they kept much-needed personnel back for homeland defense. It was a strategic turning point in the war and remains to this day The air mission against which all other missions have been measured. the largest plane in our air Army Air Force inventory in World War Two was the 99. Long 140 feet wing of the Boeing b- 29 Super Fortress It pushed the bounds of technology with the first pressurized crew compartment and a radically advanced analog Fire control system that allowed one gunner and a fire control officer to direct for remote machine gun Turrets The Superfortress I should say would have the greatest impact of any aircraft in the Pacific Theater on August Six 1920 - nine a-b 20 - nine named the Angola Gaye would drop the first atomic bomb B- 29, Like this box car drop the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki leading to Japan's complete surrender at the end of the war and Pacific on August nineteenth August fourteenth 1945 of the 4000 b- 29 's that were built you're seeing one of only two flying today, ladies and gentlemen the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific from The Korean war the conflict between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Arya, South Korea reached international proportions in June of 1950 when North Korea supplied and advised by the Soviet Union invade the South The United Nations with the United States is the principal participants joined the war on the side of the South Koreans and the People's Republic of China came to North Korea's aid. Ariel warfare is a large factor in Korea. It was the first. Jett war We piston engine aircraft we still used in a great way during the Korean conflict and as we see that b- 29 flying off to the side in just a moment we will be seeing an airplane known as the a 26 invader initially designed to replace three other twin engine World War two airplanes. It was so good that it served abey in World War, Two Korea and even in Vietnam It first. It flew the first in the left combat missions in the Korean conflict and as a light bomber and attack aircraft invaders typically bombed truck convoys and trains, but also engaged Bigg fighters the 218 cylinder Pratt Whitney Radial engines developed 2000 horsepower each giving the invader the capability to carry 11000 pounds of ammunition at a speed of more than 350 miles per hour. and in 1940. Corporation built what was then the fastest engine aircraft ever built the F four you. Corsair The Bent wing Bird as it was known in achieved a forward speed of 400 miles per hour with its 2000 horsepower Rtwenty, eight hundred Pratt and Whitney Radial engine the Japanese soldiers, dubbed it whistling death because of the sound it made during It''s ground attack missions, but an air to wear. It racked up an impressive 11 to one ratio against Japanese, The Corsair remained longer than any other single piston driven fighter with the last one coming off the production line in late 1952. In late 1952 September of that year, Marie Captain Jesse Fulmer flying a piston for you Corsair a.m. 15 Jett and was awarded the Silver star by the President in all 12571 Corsair were built by Chabot Brewster aircraft and believe it or not the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio. At the beginning of the conflict. Our straight wing Lockheed shooting stars We're totally outclassed by the swift wing Russian Mig. but we rushed into production a swift wing fighter. by North American Aviation, called the F 86 Savr Jett it racked up a better than 10 to one ratio, but sadly. The F 86 that we had hoped to have flying here this evening came up with a mechanical problem and was unable to be here coming through on the screens now from the right you can see the Douglass invader. the light bomber. In the picture with it, you can see the bent wing Bird on that Chabot Corsair with A- two engine and a huge propeller and then from one to F 51 as the new designation of the young United States Air Force on the right wing, The Mustang also served abey during the Korean conflict. Let's Moving on to Vietnam the Vietnam war headed the Communist Government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and during the war, the United States on the helicopter in combat is never before it truly became the helicopter war. Many of you will remember the TV show and movie mash about the army surgical hospitals during the Korean conflict. well, the opening sequence showed wounded soldiers being transported by a bubble canopy helicopter known as the Bell, Hte Sue helicopter. it was during that war that the helicopter came in. Greatly increasing the survivability of wounded soldiers on the battlefield by air lifting them to the Mass units in 1965 the army began testing developing new techniques to enhance your war fighting capabilities. helicopter tactics Developing Korea were adapting and evolving to support a new concept in maneuver warfare Air Mobility and here they come the Huey the one Eric. An estimated 11000 took to the skies for almost 19 years they flew slicks carriers gunship missions attack and dust off medical evaluate the UH ones we see flying here today or from the first helicopter Squadron from joint base Andrews and just December they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary coming through for that developed from the UH one Iroquois these are the Cobras the first helicopter. From the skids up. the helicopter and that the heavy lift CH, 47 Chinook with an incredible. capability to carry nearly 22750 pounds underneath. The aircraft. It was 1946. that this airplane was first thought of and it was in 1948 that Boeing designers in one weekend came up with this incredible design of an airplane that has now been flying for the United States Air Force for 68 years Swift wing the ability to go over eight thousand miles at speeds of over 600 miles per hour. This ladies and gentlemen, one of the triad. Air Force's bomber capabilities the B 50 -. Dropping tens of thousands of tons. of bombs during the Vietnam conflict, it was known as the buff the big ugly fat fella in all 744 were built. about 75 still remain in service today, and it's expected to remain so until 2040 I am told that grandfather's sons and grandsons have off on the B 52 bomber in the course of those 68 years moving now to this. And in August of 1990, Iraqi forces under the control of Satan invaded the sovereign nation of Kuwait in the Middle East Kawa forces were quickly overwhelmed by the Iraqi Republican Guard and in the coming months, United States Lett Cohen in to force the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. and on a dark quiet morning in January, only feet above the Kuwait desert. eight Apache helicopters from the 100 first Airborne Division fired. Shots of Operation Desert Storm Apaches destroyed two Iraq early warning radar sites blinding Iraqi radar in defense forces and set conditions for the beginning of the larger air campaign by the Air Force and the Navy. The Apache still the most advanced attack helicopter today is commonly referred to as a flying tank. able to survive the highly contested environments while inflicting maximum damage to enemy target day or night in poor weather conditions also serving. That war the UH 60 Blackhawk helicopter by Sikorsky the Army's utility tactical Transport helicopter, the Blackhawk has replaced the famous as the Army's workhorse and a single Blackhawks can transport an entire person Fully-equipped infantry squad into battle over the years The US 60 has been constantly upgraded with more powerful engines and the improvements here come the hilo. And as they approach, let me tell you about the next airplanes coming through ever since World War one the first Air war where the average life of a fighter pilot was only three weeks achieving superiority has been the goal of military planners and airone the first flew in 1972 and entered service in 1976 has long been considered an air superiority fighter The F 15 eagle capable of speeds of more than two and a half times the sound M two point. Or for us not fighter pilots that's eight hundred and 75 miles per hour. The single CFC and it's younger brother the two seat F 15 E Strike Eagles have dominated guys in any battle with power maneuver ability and a wide variety of weapons. It's Horacio is unmatched 104 aerial combat victories and zero losses The incredible thrust to weight ratio of the eagle enabled it to set a number of World Records, including a time to climb record of 98 thousand 400 feet. That's 18. One half miles in just two and a half minutes I Hess a second crew in advance radar and avionics to enable it to become the lethal attack aircraft. at the beginning of the Gulf War strike Eagles flying at 600 miles per hour, a hundred feet above the desert sands use terrain radar lights out to take out outside of the warning radars. Overhead. We see. The Apache helicopters. Followed by. Vhs 60 Blackhawks. And here comes the Hills. I know I have your cameras up, but if you don't how about a round of applause for what we've seen thus far. The events of September eleventh, 2001, changed the world and reshaped history Our service men and women are still committed to keeping Americans safe today and approaching in just a moment or a few of their craft that have served vital roles in the war on terrorism. Igor Sikorsky, the father of the modern helicopter overcame significant aerodynamic and the challenges in his development of rotary wing flight without getting into a lot of mind. numbing stuff a phenomenon called. Retreating blade stall has always limited the speed at which the helicopter could travel the Holy Grail would be develop an aircraft that could take off and land vertically, but be able to fly as fast as a conventional airplane in the 19 eighties Bel-air aircraft, the same company that developed a.m. helicopter in the Huey and the Cobra experimented with a very unique concept called tilt rotor. It's large prop rotors would be directly connected to the engines and then rotated vertical. Helicopter mode flight and then moved into a horizontal position to attain conventional airline flight The result is the MV 22 Osprey and aircraft that can deliver 20 - four full with troops to the battle space at speeds of over 300 miles per hour and then land vertically like a helicopter. It's load lifting capabilities are significant with the ability to carry an internal load of more than 9000 pounds or 50000. The Osprey has to have his or her left thumb working because it doesn't they can't rotate those props down. The unmistakable sound of the MV, 22 Osprey. And integral part of the team fighting the global war on terror is the US Coast Guard that has the responsibility of patrolling and protecting a hundred thousand miles of US coastline inland waterways in existence since 1790, It's the smallest of our military. in fact the entire active duty force of the Coast Guard could fit into nationals Park here we see. information in the lead the Sikorski Jayhawk and the Mhs 65. And helicopter. The Coast Guard is also projected its capabilities beyond our borders performing security and interdiction in the Persian Gulf in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm. carrying the largest conventional payload of both guided and Unguided weapon in the United States. inventory the multi mission BB, which along with the B 52 and the Btwo, are part of the or the three legged stool of America's strategic long-range bomber Force The B Lancer or the bone as it is known. Look at this. 81 foot wing span can fold them up to 78 feet. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the sound of freedom. Only a few airplanes. So successful that their names were passed down to the second generation of aircraft and the two airplanes built on Long Island has distinction from World War two The Republic P 40 - seven Thunderbolt and 30 years later, the Fairchild Republic, a 10 Thunderbolt two for close air support flying low and slow the war was built around a very potent seven barrel cannon The ad adventure Avenger flying 30 millimeter firing 30 millimeter shells the size of coke bottles at a rate of 4000 rounds per minute. That's 65 rounds each second It's name tank killer. The future is now since the early days, Aviation air crews have wanted to get more gas without having to land and keep going early attempts to rell in Mid-air involved the guy standing on the wing of an airplane while another flew overhead dangling a hose but over the years, beav aerial refueling or it may use the indelicate phrase passing gas has become refined since just after World War two, though there have been basically three different airplanes from the Air Force tasked with the job of mid-air refueling those the KC 135 Strat tanker has. Service. It's the late 19 fifties, but it is going to be replaced with a new KC 46, a Pegasus it may look familiar to you because it's on the Boeing 767 airliner passing gas 1200 gallons per minute five percent faster than the old KC 135. It's a marvel of modern technology. It's kinda like going from a car with that player you remember those to a brand new vehicle with Apple CarPlay suddenly the Pegasus will offer significantly increased Carlo. You're in a medical evacuation capabilities and as we've looked at several generations of planes in the last half hour and talking about them at air shows around the world. The last thing that was thought of by military planners was well. maybe the first thing was how many lanes would it take to destroy a target. Well now it's changed. It's howm aircraft can how many targets in one aircraft. approaching now one of the most unique aircraft even in service since 19 or I should say 2003. This is the beat. Spirit. following along behind 40. And the aircraft now insight. a flying wing Jack Northrop Dream from 1949 with a 186 foot wing span doesn't look like anything we've ever seen. It can carry conventional bombs from 500 Pounders to the GBU 50 - seven or in the pound massive ordinance penetrator to nuclear weapons The B two only 20 of them in existence, will continue to serve our country for many years. Overhead now the F 20 -. two. The Raptors two engines for total of 70000 pounds of and it's design allow it to accelerate the speed of sound without using the after burner. It's called Super cruise. It's airshow performances The raptor shows incredible maneuverability able to back-flip almost standing still in the air at 3000 feet or doing a Tail Slide, No straight up going backwards on complete control the newest fighter aircraft for the United States military is the F 35 Lightning two named after the famed World War two. Lightning there's a version for the Force one for the Navy one for the Marine Corps and eight partner Nations share those airplanes as well. They give the US and its allies the power to dominate the skies anytime anywhere The F 35 is an agile versatile high-performance multi roll fighter that combines stealth sensor fusion and an unprecedented situational awareness. The F, 30 - five 's helmet mounted display is the most advanced system of its kind all the intelligence and targeting targeting information in F 30 - Five pilot needs Played on the helmet. and six Super sensitive cameras mounted on the outside of the airplane aircraft allow her to look in any direction and have visual acuity far greater than the naked Eye Day or night. The pilot can look down the floor of the cockpit and see right through it. It's like X-ray vision simply astounding, we'll see today two of the models from the United States Marine Corps. but in all. 535 of the F 30 fives are now flying today. Over a thousand pilots And having reached initial operating capability. here in the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, no aerial display would be complete. Without some very good friends of mine they represent the greatest. military Jett demonstration teams on the face of the Earth. They are from Naval Air Station Pensacola. They are the blue Angels and they are the Thunderbirds from Nellis Air Force base in Nevada. The Blues are commanded by Commander Brian Keeler and the Thunderbirds led by Lieutenant Colonel John Caldwell, The Thunderbirds flying. 16 Fighting Falcon that has been in service for the United States since the mid 19 seventies. And the Blue Angels flying the famed F a 18 Horne also in. Service with the United States Navy and Marine Corps. since the 19 seventies as well. I want you to join with me as we wait for this aircraft to approach they have it flying missions all over the country. supporting the work done by so many. during this crisis. The Blue Angels. exemplify baby values of honor, courage and commitment and the Thunderbirds to represent all the men and women of the United States Air Force as ours and blue ladies and gentlemen, the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels. There hands together for the Blues and the birds. Ladies gentlemen, the President's own United States Marine Band and the Navy, Cns, now perform a special selection in honor of our nation's birthday. Erica the beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and earn your attention to the White House. Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the singing of God Bless America. The And I had a good with just my family by my side. I think my lucky stars to be living here today cuz the flag still stands for freedom and the kitty that. No one 's to die To-night right to me and I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today cuz I love Across the plains of Texas from Sea to shining Sea. Detroit down to Houston and New York to LA. Pride in every American Heart, it's time we stand and say. I won't forget the ones who died. I love this. Sa. All through my home. I'm about. I don't need no reason. That Seinfeld. Yes, I do. in my body. It's it's. Even if you, How Y'all doing Thank you so much we're being cruisers. It's for you. Bob fans. It's time to put on reggae, let's go. Could you? Ecto