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Oh sorry about that How's that You copying me now. Thank you. Seven minutes to show Okay. Thank you. Hey, NACA Chris I is starting to break up down here. Yeah, that's a that's a little better. Thank you. Alright. so all of this if you wanna work closer, we can. we'll keep the Sun to our back. so maybe maybe we can start over here on the North of the pier and look South. And you can put it closer to the sand. Five minutes. This is San Clemente State Beach. Off the top okay. Three minutes. Oh man. Okay. Well, Jonathan Kathy We just took a flight from Huntington Beach all the way down here to San Clemente State Beach and we noticed that really there's only two beaches that are open right now this one here in San Clemente, State Beach and Dana Point as well, We did notice that there were a few private beaches that were open and packed. but right now, I can tell you that the San Clemente State Beach here is open. It's a long stretch of Beach here the pier itself is open but unlike this Beach all the other ones are mostly all the other ones are close. We did notice some activity at Newport. People were on the sand and in the water, but right now, I can tell you that these are the two official ones that are remain open other than the ones that are private. That's the latest here in this chopper four bravos back in the studio. North Okay. Yeah. Thank you for joining us on the Web. This News Four Bravo along with my Davidovich, we were just looking at San Clemente State Beach that remains open here in Orange County. We're gonna look at Dana Point Beach as we move North here along the shoreline. Those are the two beaches that we've noticed that are open and fully operational here at Saint Clemente State Beach was open. As we pass by you're going down to San Clemente State Beach, we noticed that there were people here on the. In a point. Is that it? Of Oh, I see it. I have my pilot Davids is pointing out that fireworks display that's gonna be going on tonight near the Ritz-Carlton down here in South Orange County. set up there on the golf course. checking out right now. We're going to Dodger Stadium. Hey, Kimberly Godard. Thank you. Thank you. ETA will be. it's gonna be about 15 minutes from where we're at right now, maybe a little longer. Here's a look for everyone at home at the Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay. It's I believe it's a private Beach.