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And people knew me there from one part to the other and it was because of TV I saw how incredible the reach of this. This Ministry is it's incredible and from the beginning there has been an open door when the harr came out TBN called up. so we want this on there. This is prophetic. We want this thing to go forth. We are in the last days and the most important thing we can do is do everything in our power that the world may hear the word of our lord Yeshua Jesus. Messiah I'm Mike Huckabee if you're 50 years or older, I got some great news with TB NS Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity You can create your own legacy with a tax-deductible gift that pays you back. Click to learn more about it today. Happy fourth of July from the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Huckabee is brought to you in part by a trivia dot com, helping you experience greater wellness. Tonight on Huckabee the unity of Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy Duo Transcend flies high on the trapeze and Lee Greenwood Celebrates America. That's three Corley in the music city connection. I'm here to announce Keith Dorey and now. And welcome to a special fourth of July edition of the Huckabee show with some of our most patriotic moments that we've aired in our first 143 episodes. Now I think you're gonna love tonight's show cuz we're gonna introduce you to some great Americans. Some you know some you're gonna be glad that you will meet well this weekend We celebrate 240 - four years as an independent nation, but the events of the past few months make We're gonna have many more to celebrate we started as a unique country based on the notion that our rights come from God not from government and that's because we recognize God is creator of all of us and that means we're all equal and intrinsic worth and value that we would not require some big government because we would mostly self governed and live with the understanding that the great freedoms that we enjoy require great responsibilities as it says in the. Unto whom much is given much is required We were never perfect. We still aren't we've had some pretty ugly chapters in our history, but the brilliance of our founders was to create a nation who would be governed by law and not by our passions and emotions we would Grant rights even to those accused of awful crimes so that we wouldn't be ruled by a mob who sense of Justice would be at best uneven and at worst. As evil as the crime, it was seeking to avenge it made our system at times a little slow, sometimes unfair and just plain wrong on occasion, but the idea was to make all of us accountable to the same laws and suffer the same consequences for violating them. all of that is at risk of going away if we allow people in the highest levels of law enforcement and the intelligence community to get away with trying to stage a cudd against an elected President, a man of. Minneapolis was murdered by a cop and a video of the murder was seen by the world while no one defends the cops actions some use the tragedy as an excuse to break windows assault innocent people, loot stores and burned businesses that were actually owned by people of color and when that happens, we're rewarding anarchy and mob rule. But while the news reports the worst of our nation's sins, there are some. Outstanding things of love, kindness and sacrifice that are happening around us every day and we need to hear more of their stories and tonight you will. I hope that you will celebrate America this weekend and sure we aren't perfect but we are a lot better nation than any of the over 70 places on Earth various countries that I visited 240 - four years ago some Risk their fortunes and their very lives to give us a country unlike any other ever created I don't wanna lose this country to those who would trade liberty for the lunacy of a system that would resemble the government like it was in the time of the judges of the Old Testament, where every man did what was right in his own eyes, Let's celebrate America, But let's fight to preserve the best of it and change and reform The. Stop it. I think we all agree that that 2020 been a tumultuous year We've weathered formally unknown virus and then wrestled with the killing of George Floyd in the protests and paine that resulted but in the midst of our public struggles with violence race and reaction I want to recall a moment five years ago or something completely unexpected happened in the wake of a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina people of all colors and backgrounds came together to overcome such ugly violence and to create a climate of. And healing here's my interview with two political leaders from South Carolina. Senator Tim Scott and former congressman Trey Gowdy to find out how it all happened. You guys have coauthored a book that I mean, I think it's fascinating in light of the contentious atmosphere that Washington hasn't is about being unified about finding ways to solve problems. I'm not sure there's a lot of people in Washington who are talking about what you're talking about in the book about being unified and problem solving. Why not? I think we talk. We talk about it privately. Senator Scott and I both have a number of friends on the other side of the aisle. most of us get along pretty well when the cameras are off the cover we are in an environment now we're winning is the only thing that matters and they won't President Trump to be a one -term President They wanna beat him whenever he's up for reelection. It's all about being the Speaker or having the Committee chair Goss in your hand and I hate to beat up on the media, although I'm happy to come back on another time to do that, I'll go ahead and beat him up. Okay since you insist you know this, this should be an investigation about what Russia did to us, but it is an obsession with collusion for which no evidence has been presented, except you've seen no evidence and you've seen a lot of stuff that we haven't seen. There's no member of Congress. We've seen more than I have and trust me if collusion evidence existed. Adam Schiff would have leaked it a long time ago, So then they. To obstruction of Justice and now a senator Scott pointing out there looking at public tweets. I I think defending this country from foreign attacks is very unified when it gets in to trying to delegitimize someone who won the one the electoral College That's where the division comes in I said The book is Unified and it talks about your personal friendships with each other. why is that important to you to have the kind of friendship and relationship with a congressman? That you guys have Yeah, we both come from the deep South, South Carolina and when we were born growing up as kids, we would not have been able to play together. We would not have been able to go to the same restaurant or sleeping in the same hotels There's so much has changed in our country. Sometimes it's fixated on the things that divide us and one of the things that we saw after the Charleston shooting is that God blessed us to live. breathe and evolve in South Carolina in our state has evolved in such tremendous ways that after a racially motivated. The leaders of the state came together black and White joining hands uniting our state, and I believe our nation after nine family members came forward and forgave the killer of their family if we can unite and Unified as such an atrocity, there's hope. everywhere. Congressman that event was Seminole in South Carolina, but what happened in South Carolina rather than riots and fights and. Was people together for reconciliation? Why was it different there? I don't know but it sure was and it not only affected. I mean played politics aside from a face standpoint from all the things that matter in life. to have nine people who did exactly what Jesus told them to do welcome in a stranger. We're gonna pray with you. We're gonna pray for you and the whole time he is sitting there knowing with malice, a forethought that I am going to kill as many of you as I possibly can you talk about? Capital penalty eligible murder and the very first thing the family members do is say. I forgive you. I could not do it I would not do it and that may make me a bad Christian and so be but they did it and they looked into the to the eyes of a man who wanted to start a race war in my state and because. of the way they responded to a tragedy that most of us cannot fail them it had exactly the opposite impact and Senator. From the low country, Charleston your home, absolutely my uncle My uncle attended that church for 50 plus years and Clemente need the pastor of the church was was a friend of mine and I remember the first text that he sent me. He was one of the first people to call me Senator back in 2012 December and he won tickets to the President's President Obama's inauguration. And I also have the the last tweet that he didn't answer. are you in your parishioners? Okay? To watch my community. come together and Demonstrate to the world. that life can be better with hope in Jesus. that nine family members whose life's had not been interrupted. Devastated did not come forth with anger, but they remembered somehow in the midst of their. challenges and the death of their loss. They remembered. Matthew 540 - four. They remember the concept of loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you and when that happened, I think 36 hours that happened 36 hours after the murder To have one member after another member after another member of come live. on the screen looking into the killer's eyes. the world stopped. and said what just happened in Charleston, the place where the civil war started. Charleston. And you saw the coverage on the newspapers and TV screens that forgiveness I think evaded an eruption and instead became the sad that heals the wounds. I spoke with Daniel Simons Junior who's father was murdered that day. a week after the murder I was going on the Senate floor to talk about it and he said, I said sir is there anything you want me to share and he said Enthus. Some energies said yes, please share Romans eight 28 that somehow someway all these things were what will work together for good. those who love God and are called, according to his purpose, was flabbergasted the people of Charleston and specifically that church probably gave the greatest lesson to America in my lifetime of grace forgiveness reconciliation the book that you guys have put together is really. An analysis not just of the Charleston shooting, but the broader more universal need for a unity in America for friendship for people getting to know each other as the two of you have maybe it may seem like you're unlikely cohorts but you've developed a tight close bond. Why can't that happen more often in politics? it can and We do have differences some folks say you're both from South Carolina. You're both Republicans. What could you possibly not have in common? we don't do our hair the same way I'm gonna just say to your audience. Please explain to me how this happened. It literally. I don't know I don't fully understand that with divine intervention we have different perspectives. We have different perspectives on political issues contrast is good. I enjoy contrast conflict is debilitating and I think most of my fellow citizens know the difference between Ipo for the Cowboys you pull for the giants or the Packers and having a fractured relationship where you question the motives the patriotism and everything everything else someone with whom you disagree, we gotta find a way to dial down the conflict. what we do better if we turn the cameras off in Washington, more often didn't televised as many things didn't give people a sense. I had to go in front of the cameras and and and and make their points before TV for their audiences to get all revved up. Absolutely positively unequivocally yes, there's no doubt that if the cameras were off, you'd have more real people having real conversations that lead to real progress, I got a great idea. We just get rid of the cameras in Washington. We'll have everybody watch my show on television on TV and there you go. I second that. Is there a great idea? We'll introduce the bill and go back? Yes sir. I wanna thank both of you. My my heartfelt thanks to Senator Tim Scott Congressman Trey Gowdy on this Fourth of July weekend, We should all pray that the same spirit that captured the hearts of the great people of South Carolina will bring us together to find our solutions with police reform the challenge and anything else that may come our way as a nation, our Keith Billy. Why don't you tell everybody how to get a copy of Senator Scott and Representative Gowdy's powerful book. Well, you can get your copy of unified. how our unlikely friendship gives us hope for a divided country at Amazon or wherever books are sold while you're at it order a copy of the friendship Challenge is six week guide to true reconciliation one friendship at a time you can also follow Senator Tim Scott at Senator Tim Scott and Follow Trey Gowdy at tea Goudie SC. coming up. There's. Reasons to celebrate our nation here on Huckabee next Arthur's a cow shares profiles and courage acrobats Duo Transcend take to the trapeze in our studio and Wink Martindale and Lee Greenwood share salute to America. I'm Kevin Dutt, founder of Lear Capital Today's markets are uncertain as ever people realize they have to do more to protect and grow their savings and retirement. Now I think it's time to really invest in the precious metals and I'm looking at gold and silver for over 20 years, we have strived to produce the industries best research to help families like yours diversify a portion of their savings and IRAs with gold and silver. I'm hedging myself because that is something that. Always retain some value put your retirement on the gold standard with the asset that's been fighting inflation crashes and government debt for 2000 years. You deserve the retirement. You've worked hard for and I'm gonna say thanks to capital for being a sponsor of the Huckabee show for those who would like some more information and they should how do they get it They can either visit us on our website or call the eight hundred number on the screen and we're happy to help. Next week, Matthew Barnett healing live to the Dream Center at Robert Gli is locked and loaded. And welcome back to the fourth of July weekend tribute since the passing of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle his wife Taya Kyle, has become an author and political commentator. She visited our show to share her collection of stories on heroes in our nation. and the story of my next guest late husband Navy Seal Chris Kyle was told in the hit film American sniper since his murder, she's carried on his legacy of helping service members through their Chris Kyle. Frog Foundation She's got a brand-new book and it is a masterpiece. It's called American Spirit profiles in resilience courage and faith. It's a true honor to welcome a dear friend. Talia Kyle tell you it's so nice to have you here. I am amazed that you can be prolific with the book like this because this is the story of great Americans that many people have never heard of if people are down on the country or if they think they were falling apart and there's no hope for us. I tell you read your book the American Spirit and you'll say you know there's a lot of good Americas still out there right and I think one of the things that's interesting about this is I stayed completely away from politics. You have no idea in these stories what their politics are, and that's an intriguing element to it so that people can say what would happen if we just. Set that aside and just treat each other as human beings and neighbors and so I see your pain. I'm here to show up and help you. It's it's incredible. How did you get the idea for this book? so I was out doing speaking engagements across the country, and of course I was on the news with you a couple of times and I was listening to the news and I thought there's this other dynamic that I'm seeing out here where people would come to me and tell me of their hardships and they tell me about other people who showed up for them or how they turn their hardship into this work of passion and purpose where they made the world better. you know, I tell you when I visit with you. Such radiance a joy of a beautiful smile, and I think about the pain and the agony that you went through first of all your husband does four tours of intense combat right. unbelievable heroism He came back you had to watch him sort of rebuild his life from all of that he had seen and been a part of and and it looked like things were gonna get back to normal. Yeah and then he gets murdered. Yeah. he survives all those combat missions and gets killed by a veteran who for. Will never fully understand how did you get through that? you know there is this truth to the Bible, it says your trials and tribulations will bring great joy and I was thought that was crap. I'm like I don't. I'm not really sure right, but then now that I've lived it. I see that it wasn't just chris' murder. There was so many other betrayals and hardships and abuse and things that were coming at me from all different angles at the same time and now that I've survived that and I've seen that my faith has gotten me through that I go what's not to smile about cuz nothing really can hurt me. I mean if that happened and God saw me through all of that not just chris' murder but Chriss murder was the biggest. And then everything else piled on top. If God can see me through that, then I have nothing to fear. There are a lot of people out there who are going through things and they wonder can they ever come back? Will they ever be resilience in their lives? That's the hope that you've shared with people Yes, and that's in that story. I'm glad you say that because in this book there's so many stories of people that you hear there their path and you go. There's no way how did that happen to them in my heart breaks for them as I read the story, but then you see how their resilience changes because of the hardship and they come out realizing. Stronger than they ever thought I think it shows you that for everyone in every hardship because we'll all have hardship there is something that will come out of it if you let it and it will be resilience. It'll be it'll be faith if you invite that in everything will be better but nobody wants to go through the hard time. I wouldn't either. I change it still even though I'm stronger and better for it, you know I tell you you met dozens of people and wrote about them in the book, but it was there one that just stands out that really got to you. one that really got to me was. It's heroes and horses, and it's this guy, Micah Fink and I think what got to me is his poetry in this journey from you know starting out in New York and he sees the twin Towers go down and then he signs up for the military. He ends up being a seal and then the trauma and hardship that he faces. He takes this fascinating journey through jungles and and he starts seeing beauty in like a flower that's growing in his yard. I mean it's it's there's so things that are unfolding in that story and in the end he ends up Taming wild Mustangs and In Montana and bringing other Warriors out and saying there's something you have to connect with this man and beast part of you in order to heal you have to connect with this bigger part of life and I just I love that story. you're remarkable story plant Eastwood did a masterpiece of putting American sniper the movie together and then the book American wife that that you wrote and this one may be the best of all American spirit because it's just so encouraging. Need to be reminded that there are really wonderful people all around us if we just look for them, I agree we need this. Thank you. Thank you so much what a blessing to have you with us? Thank you so thankful Toya continues to carry on Chris Kyle's legacy through her work as a military veteran family activists. Alright. Keith Billy. Why don't you tell the folks how to get Taylor's book and stay in contact with her. We're glad you governor. you can order your copy of the American spirit at Amazon or your favorite bookseller and you can stay up to date on her efforts for. Of their families by following her at Taya Kyle still to come on this Fourth of July weekend, we've got high flying trapeze artists Duo Transcend plus with Martindale honors our flag and Lee Greenwood sings the timeless song God bless the USA. I was hungry. and you gave me food. I was thirsty. And you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger. And you're welcomed me. I was naked. And you clothed me. Was sick. And you visited me. I was in prison. and you came to me. And welcome back to our fourth of July special. Hey Keith, You know we have had so many entertaining acts on this stage over the past three years I wonder is there one that maybe comes to mind for you I think without a doubt Tice and Mary Nielsen Remember them. Yeah, I known as Duo Transcend they took to the air high over our audience was absolutely breathtaking It truly was I think that's probably all the introduction that this next performance needs. Than I remember, we were both scared to death. They're gonna let loose and hit both of us. That's right. I remember that part too here we go. Once it, My soul. Ties great to have you guys here. I mean you proved that you really trust your husband, I do you better. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I'll tell you what you better always hope that he's in a good mood right I know right. Wow. I mean we're just spell bound by what we've just seen. Oh. thank you so much and you guys really met Cliff Diving. Yes. yeah. So you knew you were destined for danger. Yes it started with. And it continues with danger so it's it's just part of our life. I see you do this and I know you've done it many times the question that comes to my mind. What were you thinking the first time you did that you know we were young it was it was fun and then it turned into a job and so we're like man. I guess we better just keep this going. Yeah I would it's fun is we get to work together and travel the world together. you know Tyson you come from a family of acrobats people who have done this your background was musical theater. Did your parents say to you Honey. We love you, please, he might drop you on your head. Did they tell you that Well? Luckily my parents really love Tice a lot and my mom, said multiple times. He's the only one that she trusts enough to do this with me. I want us to give another really big hand to Duo Transcend. Thank you guys. Well, I've got to ask you governor did you even give a thought to joining them up there for an acrobatic moment like the teeth? I gotta tell you something the only high-flying that I do is safely tucked in a passenger jet. huh. So why don't you right now just tell our viewers. How to learn more about Tice and Mary. I think it's a safe choice. Alright, you can see more amazing Acrobatics by Duo Transcend by visiting their website, Mary and Tice. Dot com. You can also follow them on social media at Duo Transcend now if you get the chance to see those folks live, Don't you dare miss it promise They won't fall on you next America's favorite game show Host Waite Martindale honors The American flag and what it stands for and the great Lee Greenwood perform. It's all right here on. The Bible tells us that God promises to bless those who bless Israel. Hello. I'm Mike Huckabee, TBN believes that supporting Israel is one of the most meaningful things a believer can do and that's why after a lot of research in vetting, we're partnering with Israel's most impactful relief Organization The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. 35 years ago, My father founded the fellowship to biblical prophecy to help the suffering Jews and to let them know that there are Christians who stand by their side today through over 400 projects. The fellowship is serving Israel's impoverished youth and Holocaust survivors. Unfortunately, 20 percent of Israelis still live in poverty, but as you can see we're working hard to help them, please call or go online right now because your gift of $25 helps provide soup. Like this and so much more for the blessing of God's people here in Israel, Isaiah 50 - eight reminds us to feed the hungry to clothe the naked to how's the homeless and thankfully we do just that because of generous friends like you food housing medical care bringing home the displaced. It's all part of the I love traveling the streets Jesus once walked and bringing the least of these the hope and joy that the fellowship provides. hilo. hello. Hello. Hello. This is Sarah She's 81 years old and she fled persecution in Iraq and if it weren't for this food Boxx Sarah wouldn't eat today. You can bless people just like Sarah your gift provides. Medicine and comfort to God's precious people please call or go online today. Go to Mike Huckabee dot com and sign up for his free newsletter and follow. Got my huckabee on Twitter? Well from grilling out to flashy fireworks, we've got the news that will make you shout USA on a segment we call in case you missed it. And welcome to our Independence Day Weekend edition of in case you missed it. This is the day that we take the time to remember when actor Will Smith saved us saved us all from outer space aliens. Oh wait. I'm I'm mixing my history with Hollywood somehow it was actually because we were too cool for British rule and I don't know about you folks but I kinda like my coffee hot my cream cold and my tea in Boston Harbor America's Got a. Unique and memorable day that celebrates our decision to go it alone without King George and the British crown back in 1770 - six. I mean how many other countries turn the stories of their founding fathers in the Broadway musicals and successful ones at that, you know the great humorist and writer Erma Baumbach had a fun and practical take on the fourth, she said. You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July Fourth, not with the parade of. Guns tanks and soldiers who filed by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw frisbees the potato salad gets a little iffy and the flies die from happiness You may think you've overeaten, but it's patriotism as I like to say it let's party like it's 1770 - six. we miss you erma but we know that you're finding moments to make people laugh and smile up there in heaven Only began in 1972 Coney Island's hotdog establishment Nathan's famous has been hosting a fourth of July Hot dog eating contest that has become so big. I mean so big it's broadcast live on ESPN. Yeah, I got nothing else I guess the reigning champ Joey Chestnut holds the world record for the most hot dogs eaten 74 Hot dogs by the way that rolls into about 21000 calories. I'd say 21000 you know Governor I took. Trip with my German buddy and when I actually accidentally drop my hot dog out the window he swung the car around to go back and get it. That's when the whole trip really took a turn for the. worst you didn't do that W U R S T worst the most worst kind of noble Fd dog breeds is the hot dog. He's the only one who feeds the hand that bites him. That's very true. trae Keith I just stop stop it. I mean. We wanna celebrate our nation this weekend, not lament. It's lack of good funds and you've actually made me remember the story of a woman with a small dog sitting on a bench in Central Park, the fellow across from her notice, the little dog began barking incessantly at him when he took out his sandwich. so he asked the lady. would you mind if I throw him a bit? not at all, she said. So the fellow picked up the little dog and toss them over a Wall. Oh. terrible. Alright, let's get back to Joey Chestnut because if he 74 hot dogs at once isn't all American enough, He is also down 32 Big Macs at one time by the way that's two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun. man I can barely get the description out let alone ingest the 15 point 30 pounds, 15 point 36 pounds of what Joey Chen. Eight with those big Mac, What is this guy way and he's a little guy? That's what's crazy. He's not a big fat guy. He's a tiny little guy. That's that's I don't understand it, He probably ate half of his weight in Big Macs. Alright, we wouldn't be true Red, White and blue. if we didn't end the segment without a few fireworks segments that just didn't go the way that the lighters and igniters had hoped they would go so we finished in case you missed it tonight with a few fireworks fails set. Some patriotic music. Well, just like a kid drop at a firecracker in a septic tank, we gotta get out of here but never forget we read the news. Well, the first time our good friend television personality, Wink Martindale and his lovely wife, Sandy drop in wk, presented the spoken word piece on the American flag that I think may be more important to hear now than ever before. I hope you'll listen to the words and remember what makes our nation a home for everyone I stand for everyone is a patriotic anthem that serves as a corrective lens to see the world ourselves humanity and our place in it. just a little bit. Now more than ever before it's time to close the divide in our country to underscore just what we stand for. Every day I hear my father's voice say the footprints we make are the stands that we take to bring our country together. I am the flag of our country. This truly is who I am and when you pledge allegiance to me. remember the things for which I stand. I stand in reverence to the power above me. stand for the underdog Who's Dream come true. I stand to honor a great performance. I stand in awe of love in Bloom. I stand for that kind of ambition. that's a blessing. and a curse. I stand for speaking strictly from the heart. for better or worse, But first. I stand for those who's time was spent. before they could spend their time. I stand for everyone who lost their place in line. Oh, I stand for kissing and a whole lot of hugging. stand for the would have been had they held on. I stand for givers who know no limits. stand in hope. when hope is gone. I stand for the things you won't say when you don't wanna hurt a friend. I stand for living life. as if it will never end. But first. I stand for us who put our trust. in the hands of God's design. I stand for everyone. who lost their place in line. Oh I stand for everyone who's felt the turn of the screw. Those who know rejection, It's just another point of view. I've saved a place in line for everybody still chasing their dreams. or so it seems. I stand for the bold and the daring who spun out on dead man's curve. I stand in lieu of everybody who deserves to be heard. But first. I stand for those who's time was spent. before they could spend their time. I stand for everyone. I stand for everyone. I stand for everyone who lost their place in line. What a wonderful reminder from Wink Martindale and here's one more from the author. Henry Ward Beecher, he said if anyone then ask me the meaning of our flag, I say to him, it means just what conquered and Lexington meant what Bunker Hill mean, which was insured the rising up of a valiant young people against an old tyranny to establish the most momentous doctrine that the world has ever known the right of men. To their own selves and to their liberties may we keep working towards life, and the pursuit of happiness until every American is wholehearted. Hey, Keith. What else do we have to look forward to tonight? well coming up Next is the award-winning talents of mister Lee Greenwood When Huckabee returns. These three powerful books recently released by TB Ns Publishing company Trilogy Christian Publishing are available to you right now. First, the amazing devotional Study Guide by Max Lucado to a company his best-selling book unshakable hope when the world rages around you based on the promises of God, you can stand with unshakable hope next the new children's discovery book I see God's Glory by Brian Keith Ashworth Shares Images of God's amazing creations and their proof of the glory love and goodness in Jesus. And finalist Jerusalem, by Jay Secular is the definitive and urgently needed argument for the legitimacy of the nation of Israel. he looks at the reasons for Israel's prominence today and encourages readers to stand with him against the efforts to destroy one of the world's oldest and most important Nations. All three of these are available at Amazon, your local bookstore or call 18 hundred 47350106. That's eight hundred 47351 zero six. Also if you have a message to share with the world trilogy Christian. Can help you convert your manuscript into a lasting publication available wherever books are sold and TBN can help you promote your book to thousands of people using our social media platforms. So if you have a manuscript you would like to submit or if you simply want to explore this opportunity, please contact us at Trilogy dot TV That's WWW dot Trilogy dot TV. Many times when I was a kid, I was growing up and I wasn't raised in a Christian environment and I can remember multiple times my mom had sent me to my Grandma's House and my grandma always had TB in on her television and that was my salvation. I actually got radically delivered from some things by watching TV and I'm so thankful for this network and if it wasn't for Christian Broadcasting the four corners of the world would not have been reached and would not have seen Jesus. so thank you TBN. And we are back in our fourth of July special here on the Huckabee show. Hey, Trey Corley. What was it like to play with the incredible? Lee Greenwood. Oh God, That was one of our favorite performances. We're actually just talking about that. What a pro gifted incredible singer but very like he knows everything about music. It was really cool. He is a great guy. I couldn't agree more about what a town is and he's a dear friend. I want us to take a look back at our visit. Greenwood This audience absolutely loves themselves. some Greenwood Thank you know, and I can understand why you have brought a sense of patriotism and pride to so many Americans not a political thing, but just a love of country. Well, you know I love the country. Thank you. I'm a farmer from Sacramento, California and I was taught some early lessons about my grandparents who raised me. Yeah and about taking care of your neighbor and do what's right. You know your handshake is your word and those kind of things and for familiar probably from Arkansas. Yeah just when I I spend a lot of years in Nevada, I don't know if you know that of a 20 years ago, I was actually a dealer in a casino as well as a musician writer and I played in all of the show that I work with the Rat Pack and you know the the famous people of Vegas years and but when I moved to Tennessee. Different thing and I never lost that feeling inside my head that in addition to the country, music course that I sing and I'm fitting into the National community after so many years in West Coast and started touring around the I've seen what a beautiful country it was cuz I had never left really the The West Coast. Yeah, it's coming to Nashville, then and touring as an artist and then suddenly I was thrown in this place where you get adoration all the time. But when I wrote, God bless USA, it was only one of I think maybe two dozen songs I've written in my book while I was touring, I was gonna ask the story as you wrote it on the back of your tour bus is that true. Yeah, that's right and and. Actually had them installed when I got my, I finally got my own bus and I have to lease one we had to travel in the trailer and we stayed at 1311 Elm Hill Pike and somebody broke in 10 of my trailer. It's I gotta move you know, so we finally move to a place where I can protect it and then we lease the bus for a while. and then I bought a bus and we bought two buses and then three and two tractor-trailers production company we'll get up to speed, but I said in order to keep my mind on my music, I need to have a piano. I'm a piano player and Axa and by the way that guy's fabulous. Thank you. TJ. You go it ain't so when we Greenwood thinks you're good so I wanna come back. I wanna come back and bring my saxophone and play with the band. Can I do that one night? Yeah. Absolutely. so I be terrific. So yeah. they're all great. so I have my piano and and in a hinge on the edge of the a state-room where it could just kinda tight there. You have your bed when you sleep and I would pull it up and sit it on my knees after we'd have a show and plug in my headphones, I wouldn't disturb the crew and so I wrote all my songs like that and USA was interesting. It was a little different than the rest, but is it old to? I mean cuz everybody wants you to do it, but do you still get a little bit of a chill down your spine when you do that song and then the audience just goes nuts. Yes, I'm glad to hear that. Yes, I think that's awesome that you do and not that I have other songs of course that I think that I've written and that songs I haven't written that I that I know of the audiences that they love because they put a lot of records. So I know they're fans somewhere but it depends I think on who's in the audience, particularly on our DOD USO tours of howm an aircraft carrier or an air base or an army base or. Just a large fan base that a lot just wonderful Americans who love the country and and it's it becomes very obvious the moment that the song begins. You know that they're loving my tribute to our country. It's still touches me every time. it's it's one of those songs you just have to believe is inspired and anointed. it's like God gave you that song to encourage America and you know I think about that, but I mean you've had 30 - five Billboard chart busting songs you've had lots of number one songs, so it's not like you've had a- one. You're not a. You've done dozens of things that have hit the top of the charts but that's the one that that first and foremost come to mind when they think about Lee Greenwood. Well, God bless USA or if you wanna call it proud to be American cuz I have a children's illustrated book called that proud to be an American, which is kind of the story of how I got started and and and a little boy who loves the country I of all the songs that I've written and and and sing on stage, there's a special meaning to that, and I believe you're right and I've said that same thing that you said, I believe God gave me that song I I truly do and I think. Who hears it believes it let me tell you that is one talented man and someone who truly loves our country. Now you knew we were not gonna end the show without a performance by Lee. So here's Keith to tell you about it well, be sure to visit Lee Greenwood's website for the latest music and how to see when he visits your town. You can also purchase a proud to be American T-shirt and hoodie. It's all at Lee Greenwood dot com and you can follow him at the Lee. Wood now just 60 seconds from now Lee Greenwood will perform the classic God bless the USA right here on Huckabee. We hope you have a wonderful fourth of July weekend and the wind things up tonight. let's get back to Lee Greenwood and his performance of God bless the USA. Thank you very much Governor Huckabee. I dedicate this to all of our veterans, not just in this audience, putting your TV audience as well who has served this country. We're. all my life. My wife. Still stands for freedom and they can't take that. Know I'm free and I won't forget the men who died who gave that. And I love this. To the Hills of Tennessee. Cross the plains of Texas. from Sea to Sea. From Detroit down to Houston. Every American Heart. And I won't forget. And We hold truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal. that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, and the pursuit of happiness. that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men. deriving their just powers from the consent.