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Yo what you doing watching the replay don't forget to hit that like button and drop a. Yo yo yo yo what is going on everybody Welcome back. Welcome back. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day but not just a regular day but a happy fourth of July Yo what's going on what is happening and welcome everybody welcome who we got tuning in man who made it first huh. Yo. What's up? Jody Yo what's up regime? We got we got Michael. We got Bailey. We got Jeremy Yo. what's up Harleys Sharpe Yo. Thank you yo we got in. Your turn Andrew How you doing appreciate it. Yo. What's up a-b what's happening? Welcome Welcome Welcome Brother Yo. What's up? Jeremy Okay. What did I win Yo hold up. Wait a minute? What we want something to say happy fourth to all be safe here much love that you're doing Yo what's up koby how you doing? I said. Wow. Nice rig. That's what I like to hear so what I like to hear we got in here from La Yo. We got Ty Orton coming in with 100 stars yo let's freaking go and if you guys are just now tuning in, do us a huge favor reach over there hit that. Hit that share button. and drop a follow If you knew you know what to do baby let's get this on the road. let's get her on the whole load Holy. y'all. Larry Perry Thank you for the share Cory for the share and share Yo we got Ty with the 100 first time ever seen in stars Yo. we got Andrew with the shared Nick De La Rosa with the Shey Orton with the share. Craig Bergstrom Dallas Oh dang Girl I. That is, but thank you for the share appreciate it. Yo. Yo DJ Thank you for Jeremy Car with the Nicole with this show. let's go much love. welcome back. Welcome back Yo shout out to my baby girl for turning six today. Yo big shout out Big shout out to you baby girl that is legendary I can't my daughter's five and I'm not ready for six. I'll tell you that much. Oh baby. Oh baby Welcome back though about to go Watch fireworks with a wife and daughter have a go. Yo Take it easy. Enjoy the day Manne and what's back there? Alright So. so I think it's a log loader from not mistaken. I believe it's a log loader yo hold up yo. Yo Bailey with the Are. We stuck here What's going on here? Yo we got Bailey with the one with the one. Why am I am I hitting this Holy crap. Yeah, We got Bailey with the 1000 freaking stars bro Much love man. Much love appreciate that we got Aaron Jones with the share. Cory Larry Perry Yayo We got Daniel Yo-yo, DS Yo. Thank you man Daniel Thank you for the share Stewart with the share hold on We got Michael Jones coming in with a brand-new supporter badge as well. Holy Yo. Go get some hashtag Mike Now let's get some legends stickers for everybody out there turn the oven. Yo. Thank you so much for the 1000 stars for the 100 as well. Michael Jones, who Michael Jones coming in with that brand new supporter badge you much love man yo. We also got Scotty Lewis with the four month free support. Yo. like I said Legends stick is in the Chatman. You guys are crazy. I said. I just realized this is why you don't text and drive yo. yo we got. Orin coming in with another 100 stars man much love first time, and I appreciate the love I appreciate the love man. Yo yo what is going on? Yow Yow We got Scotty Lois coming in now with A- four monthes four by 700 stars Holy Freaking Legends Legends Show Much Love Scotty. Thank you for the 1700 you're insane legendary. We got Mark with the 200 say yo yo yo what's popping? Derek with the 200 say yo, it's good how y'all doing Welcome back? Thank you so much for all the love for me again if you haven't done so don't forget to reach over hit that like button, let's hit 100 reaction. It's only 20 more to go. We got this Richard Carman Thank you for the shares Samy with the share Courtney with the freaking guard-rail. Yo. Thank you guys for the shares. so we're out here all the time and we were late today. Helly but you know what it's fourth of July. I do it I want. yo. Alright, how you doing Welcome back? What's up? Barbara We got we got Tony. We got Brandon. We got Jody all the legends tuning in man all the legends like I said. Don't forget to hit that like button. It is very to the stream. I just wanna know you're out there chilling with us man. Happy Fourth AD tonio coming in with a 150 star bomb. I love Tony how you doing brother happy fourth to you as well and everybody else out there in the chat for that matter. Well, let me. The support of guys because we got Michael coming in with a brand new badge, putting us at 540 - six supporters absolutely mind blowing mind blowing to tell you oh. Jennifer said waiting for this all day turn up. That's what I like to hear. That's what I like it man. Oh, so nice. I don't know what we're talking about but I agree what is supporter plus two plus three. That's what all your other badges are so you have a star CB badge for the week and you have a follower badge. Yo who's spam cuz keep doing it. What? He said. Party Time Lemonade Andrey cracker I don't know what a cracker is, but it sounds interesting. I like I like it. let me scroll of this is all scrolling. Yow Tony Thank you for the 150 man. Yo Jody Thank you for the share coming in with that three months of for Holy Oh the little sound from the way you thought I did something wrong. I got something on the truck. that was just a supporter badge. Sorry. I figured out how you can do this get a teleprompter up to your chat. Oh definitely just get someone to read. I just wanted to read my my check to me well, Jared and hi. How are you doing? How's that? How do that see? That's why it's work, Jared said. Hi. How's do that bro and I'll be like. What see so it would never work people don't know how to. thank you for the 200 stars in the world and teach people how to properly. I love you guys Firecracker Okay. Okay. So. Warming it on it for sure. wing on it see I don't know what we're talking about. I gotta catch up with Sammy over here. Yo. Thank you for the 100 stars with the hype. Yo let's go. Gemma turn the head up much love guys. much love fam. I've been I've been on the problems with my daughter and grandfather staying in a hotel and maybe homeless tomorrow. I'm trying to get help and my daughter wants to do. I can yeah. it's all good The cold. don't you worry. Don't you worry everything is. Okay here. no need no need to apologize. We just appreciate when you are. That's it. Oh my goodness. Happy fourth. Thank you. William Thank you. William. We got tune in where you guys can in from. I know we got some legends out there in the building if anybody is just now here, I'm gonna say it again reach over and hit that like button hit that share button and drop a follow. If you knew you know what to do don't make me say it oh my goodness. It's been a long day. Yo yo we got Joseph Evans coming in with the 1000 Stars', said. Happy fourth of the fourth of July weekend. Joe Joe Thank you so much for 1000 dude you guys are legendary William Jensen. Thank you for the share. Patrick Barker with the Matthew Ella with the Shedd Devin Larson with the share Holy Holy we got Toronto Virginia UK. Arizona I can't drive holy crap Imagine trying to drive you. Thank you for that. Cheers much love. Yo Chadd A hundred and 20 - one likes. I don't have to tell you what to do, but I will we gotta have a party sometime Easy easy We gotta be careful no more crashes. Alright guys. No no, we gotta watch the road. No strings no distractions. We got a home we've got just what I'm saying across the world at the 46 days from Malaysia. Oh. It's okay, it's okay. Don't you worry. Whoo. Why is that even a thing? I didn't mean to type a but I didn't mean the type F but it works. I guess. Oh, I thought that's I thought that's what you meant. I thought that's what we're talking about. Oh you mean just a-b. I got you. I got you. I got you. We got to be easy on this turn. Oh shit a that's. oh my goodness. holy shit. That's all. This game fight. this truck is loud at all. There's no sound to it. The horn is really loud. It's a night, I don't know what we're talking about, but it could be if you explained to me what we're talking about. Air with the 20 - seven days, let's go, let's go. I'll see you guys with all the followers out there. man appreciate you guys have been to the stream yo so I was traumatized by my doctor ain't that about it. Damn shame. I don't think this is the place for that. Yo Kevin Turner with the shit Gribble with the Shedd Josh with the share you thank you guys so much man all the love and support a hundred and 40 shares in the first 12 minutes Holy Cool Thanks, man I try to look as cool as I try even sometimes I put on these glasses cuz people tell me I look cooler. so tell me what you think Do I look cooler with the glasses or without the glasses. Oh man what game is your American Truck Simulator there buddy. American Truck Simulator. It's the best game you'll never knew about and now you know about it. Thank me later. I have this in all I in the AI does not know how to drive the AI drives perfectly fine and compared to how I drive so I can't judge. I'm Mark that bandwidth don't self promote. Yeah I did. Keep the glass driver Thanks William. Thanks. we'll keep em what's up a-b. you may still on. A journey but getting close to-night. What's up man Welcome back bro. How you doing at least this isn't GTA five. No. It is not me. It is not indeed. GTA five. You gotta be careful. it's dangerous. We're living in a danger zone, but I gotta turn this up. so it's killing me. this even louder where are you at in the game? Stay in confusion? I don't know where the heck I'm at to be completely honest with you I'll tell you when I when I take the next exit in a second, it has all the names so that me telling you don't even know. To add a part of the map. the light of fireworks, let's all get down here with the Sun goes down at the same time every day. so. You can't see it, you can't force it. yo Andrew Duffy with the 150 much Andrews oh Baby much love man. Where are you at? Oh Baby Alright that already? I can't die to that comment. Happy Fourth A-b chat What's popping just stop wait just to set the firecrackers 00 my goodness. Oh goodness happy Fourth. hope it's good for you and if you of course, of course the same for you gauge how you doing buddy welcome. Hey, hey, hey. Hey Jody No. Would have been funny if I read it, I don't know what we're talking about Camera' Oh baby. Sorry there buddy. Have three minutes without accident. Thank you. Vincent didn't even notice. I didn't even notice. hello from Wilkes Yo welcome David Fromm, Pen and Nice. Nice. Happy Independence Day. You're happy Independence Day to all men for helping here. you can message my page. Nicole if you want. How much did you pay for this game? like 60 bucks around the whole bundle package? I believe it's on sale right now actually. Yo. what's up? Kurt Go man. Thank you buddy any of our 15 minutes. I'm ready to get roasted. Yo Robbi what the heck you're doing it Welcome back Bro. Welcome back. Yo what's up how you doing buddy? Scarlet it. 1230 - nine no-I I can't say, oh, I don't know what how to say that happy Fourth of July Happy fourth of July to all of you guys and all of you what time is this? it's on. It's a it's a part of the map. Joseph It's not an Okay, that no. Oh, no, no, no, no No Joseph. Joseph Yo Mike My man bro appreciate it and again be like 150 Beautiful. you're doing great. That will help. Yo Sheri with the 100 you're the first time and start the stream you much love. I appreciate that welcome, I had to make a run for the chicken with a button. Yeah don't do that. Here what's going on here? I don't like this. I like you stole it. That's what happens in your. yeah. We're trying to we're trying to push through at the moment though only optimistic minds can help us push. Alright. We're not optimistic. I don't think you can do it. Yo thank you. Joe. What's up Man welcome. my mind's in the I gotta be careful here. Oh, man remember people that's what I'm trying to tell him he's gonna have to go off the cliff there buddy can't. As you see, we're we're driving a big one. I mean what do you want me to do? I throw it? Whoo It's pretty it's not gonna lie. Well, that's a that's a clifford. Push push push push push We got this, we got this. We just need a little bit of come on Chadd. We just need a little bit of push just a little bit, not a lot not a whole lot, but it's we'll include you though chat push. Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't done so I need to get out of your chair and push the day so we can get unstuck and we can continue our journey to the next cliff Dive and if you haven't yet, please push the vehicle and the appropriate direction thanks again, that's right. ▁ငါ ပြော နေ Standing in the front of the truck, pushing you're not funny. What you want me to push? We'll be taking a break. You know what I'm saying. Oh, This is this is not going very well I don't see I don't see this happening right. Alright, alright. Alright. Alright. I get it. I get it. I suck. Yeah. This is a curvy road. I don't I don't think. I feel about this. Oh, yeah, I was locked at him. We gotta go a little bit slower sorry sorry, it's too much brisket. I'm leaning against the take a break. Sometimes you just gotta you gotta check right. have a good day. Yo. What's up how you doing Welcome back? The Dps are like ice. Are in the lock. I'm trying to send yourself. Cliffy you know. it's sketchy. We'll never get this time. we're gonna make it. We're never gonna make this turn yet. What do you think? how many do you have? I can't even? Yo Mike's Stover Thank you for the share OJ for the share. How about you No? Thank you for the stars. We make it. oh my goodness. Made it we made it. He said how about you no? A- two brother Yo Matthew Hall. Thank you for the share. My crest. Thank you for the shares as well. You guys are awesome so much support so much work. we got anybody new tuning in to the building. Let me know if you're out there and you've never been before. let me know where you're watching from God. Oh. Yo Tony Ellis Thank you for that as well, we got Lexi up in the House. What's popping? What's going on Lexi and game this game too? Yeah, who gave you the CDL hit that like button That's all What's good Y'all Raymond with the let's go. Are you guys are freaking Lenin. Day first time here from Miami you're welcome. We're in the pickle, we'll get out of it. Don't you just sit back and watch slowly but surely creeping on up. It's almost every turn. Nothing new here. Big Bob from Miami You're welcome What do you have is that the Lotte Yes, sir Sure is new here all the way from Australia. you watching from New it in England welcome Aaron. How are you doing buddy Good to see you guys man welcome. guys. Yeah. we're running low on fuel. We'll we'll need some here shortly I'm pushing not everybody's pushing somebody's gonna need this you if you guys haven't done so yeah reach over there hit that like button baby. we're almost to 300 reactions if you have to like. I'm gonna have to ask you to do so now. I just started following you're welcome. You're welcome buddy. Yo. What's up? Carlo? Thank you for chilling. What's Up A-b congrats on the bad. Yo doughboy Danny Thank you appreciate that bro. Legendary I don't think we're gonna get out of this room. I slowly getting there. we're about to get to the tires. I'm about to get the tires progress is fixing to happen right now. I told you guys I just have and you guys have a. Can you see it's indeed a big load though I'm not gonna lie. Go where you stalker oh. 100 HP said you do yeah I used to we used to do we were hot in the first but it little late. But Chadd zoom in I don't even know what's going on. I know what's happening out there guys. What if you fall, We're not falling. Don't you worry. Don't you worry you know the Jonathan Welcome back. On Alright sorry. Because if Facebooks kicked me out one more time. oh man. I'm sorry. It wasn't me. 00. No. No, no, no, no no. Currently getting a kick out of it at World of Tanks, no-I guess not nice in that case. Happy fourth of July. Yo Thank you man how you doing Michael Welcome back Brother. Welcome back. I'm always late. You're always late man. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Alright, let's see let's see watch it all the way from to go. Where is that I was close. Yeah, we had to reset we had to reset. We're not the best We're trying to be but we're we're going to be the best but we're not the best yet. Alright so you just wait. Okay. One day. we will be the best like I was saying you just wait you just wait and see. yeah you don't believe me now. but just wait. I'll be the best one day. We will be the best. We're live what is he doing? I have no idea The Hills Have Eyes. let's go baby hit that share Christmas do you do have we actually trains My dreams just came out of came out of your nose about to say my drink in a year that would be weird but. wow that's weird. We also be the best that I. Yes that's. Yow Travis Ross Thank you for the share. you bro. Much love man. not a yeah you just wait you just you just wait on. here. We have an anxiety attack and none of guards are left. come on chadd turn it up. It should be a party here. tell em Nico. I don't know how to turn it up. I know the game is out. All good girl you drive off cliffs is legendary. while driving makes you wanna use my phone again. And if I had a reason, you know what I would have Oh how you doing welcome to man. What's up? Boy? What's up? Oliver? What's up? Boy? That's a heavy load for the fourth. You can say that again, you can say that again, man happy fourth of about to go shoot some fires wanna stop in and say hey, Yo What's up? Dustin. I'm back man Welcome back. At least the two of us are partying, yeah, that's all that matters as long as we got a few, you turn it up. It doesn't matter what the rest is. Hey, Hey, hey, keep it up. Thanks. trying at least it took that already. Oh yeah, at least that's all that matters right. You know the game is not as good just got a.m. the guy talking and we go. Hey. Listen here. Alright. You listen here. This is awkward. They just got a mute The guy talking. Why are we stuck? Shouldn't be stuck for this shouldn't at all. We're we're moving, we're hey, don't hey what the. Can't wait. My road. Is my that I go around me? You gotta respect me like how long it takes to be here till Christmas, but the kids. better call your kids. who are you calling a Texas Tech? Thank you for that 100 stars man I've been out shopping sanctuary for a few hours. 42. Yeah. Yeah. We had a big turn. Yeah. Hey. Can you get this game on PC? Yeah. Yeah. You can't change. It's on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe to Williamson It's weird. It's weird. you'd say something like that but okay fake video is not driving and he's staring at the wrong direction. What and the on the Street Yo Barry. Just just stop yourself before you get there you're staring at the wrong direction. But this satisfy you. I feel like I've always imed a little bit of life that I'll never get back. Oh man. Why did I cut into? Oh you know just a bunch of tech? He's making a lot of noise and a lot of racket and they just won't keep it on out there. You fake me out guys. Tell me how you really feel. Your camera is mirrored it is it is indeed you're right. But this is my what I'm mirrored. I don't look the same. alright. The sickly speaking I look better in this angle, so you don't want me to flip it. You're all gonna run. I gotta say, is that you haven't hit that like button. you know what to do reach the like button hit that share drop a follow it all day. A cowboy So, what did I just went to Texas? Yo Steven Babineaux coming in with that two month support. Yo let's freaking go love the chair plug hi. how you doing Sophie One -A welcome. We got Jody. We got we got all kind of people. Barry. What do you say? I said I miss earring. It's okay I forgot about My is mirrored it's just the life we live in man. for fact if I go left. Mila you see my left hand going this way if I go this way. which goes to it's left. This week and I could just flip the whole screen. Read what I have going on forever and never noticing that Oh. My man's main mission to not only himself not only you guys, but also me to notice it as well. drop something for you. Oh thank you for that. Share. Dylan Let's go man What's up bro. We got we got a hazardous with the of Howards coming in with the raid. Welcome everybody welcome. Welcome. Welcome. We got Randy with the 100 stars as well. Oh Holy. Hi. we got a hat. Yeah, you said that. I'm don't hate me. Yo what up hold the phone, he said. I'm gonna drop something for you bro. hold up. I thought you meant to share. Yo we got Dylan Evelin coming in with that brand new. supporter badge, he said there is. whoop there. It is yo. Can I get a hashtag Dylan in the chat with that brand new flex and bad man? Okay. Am I tripping comment. Oh deleted of back. What? Put the drink down and set again. say yeah. Bro. Yo. let's go. Dylan Let's get some legends stickers in the chat for my man. Dylan Hope you all are having a legendary Fourth of July America. Yes, indeed. yo we got James's. Whoo. We got James Sessions coming in with that 900 freaking stars. This is happy with my dude. Yo Welcome back. Tass Welcome back. Thank you so much for another 900 million you're insane. The legendary big shout out sorry, I'm gonna deleted came back. Yeah, we got one in the building coming in with the freaking bomb as well. Let's go on how you doing how you doing. Yo we got Matt the 100 stars turn up guys. What the heck up. Say I love you baby. We got Steven hold the phone. coming in with the first 500 stars ever. Yo Steven just know whatever I do one day slowly, but surely make my way to call of duty. I run some games. I got you bro. Thank you for following me. bro. Let's freaking go I need that new bro. It's a lot of. Steven Thank you for the 500 man let's go first time. Start, let's get some more stickers in the chair for everybody. Man. Yo we got Derek also coming in with a 200. What the heck what the heck you guys are turning up man you guys need a sound of it. A-b let's play Fortnite This is something you'll stop looking and forget your. Fortnite Vons There's no star what do you mean? Dylan? We're gonna run up Y'all Steven with another 500 Holy shit. Let's go. I'm down for some Fortnite. Yeah, you are. oh man. Oh man I care with you guys. maybe on my stream. I'll see what you did there. I see what you did there. I'll see you created. Oh man. Wait did you say fine as in yes or fine as in no? Yes mine is a note. There's no star for me either. all the phone y'all better start sending the you guys relax man if there's no start button, it's probably just bugged. Don't you worry you just sit back, relax and enjoy the stream. Happy fourth of July to 80 Yogi Travis Welcome in if you play Fortnite if you pay for I'll upload a video of me drunk. Well, first off, I'm not paying Fortnite nothing right I don't know. What's going on you but they're you. I'm not nothing. Alright. I'm sorry yo shena yo. yo we got Sheena coming to the 250 stars turn the heck up. 10 The heck Thank you, I appreciate it. I don't pay for ADD. Oh man. What no tricks today, No man we don't. we don't. New Hear from you We got Brighton. Simi coming in with the first 100 stars ever man much love. Mud man. let's freaking go say what's Fortnite hold up stop in and say hey Yo what's up? We got Steven and also with another yo the total of 1200 stars'. Thank you so much man. and I want the nuke you. can see you. That's looks like $20 on iPhone and 900 stars. I'll give you the new flavor I'll give you the for that man. Yo. thank you for the 1209 hundred million. much love before you spend $20 and 1200 stars. save yourself all that money grab yourself a supporter badge and be legendary. We're a heck of the 1200 and The 900 stars' freaking day. We're not gonna make this jump shot. Let you guys know. You guys know about that now we're not gonna make it so no need to even hype it up. Oh shit Okay. Maybe we could have hyped it up a little bit cuz that was pretty high. Trivia. Yo, he a the Steven thank you for the 200 was' Fortnite, he said Kaboom with the 1200 stars man so much love James Steven Sheena. I go crazy Man What crash? I'm glad I stop by. to that truck just jump ramp maybe. A D you got to build a ramp. What do you mean you forgot to build a ramp? We got what do you mean? Oh Fortnite ha ha. I get it. I get it. I was confused. Just show love and I got a new commitment. you're good man. you're good. Thank you. Loves you anyway man. Shit. The Ram Y'all Robert with the 100 much love man. What did I miss? What did that mean? Oh shit. Shit. We go. I don't know what you hear exactly. The road. wait, I'm UK supporting all the way from UK streaming channel a shout out Lh host only 80 followers. you stream on Facebook. We do the whole become a supporter. shout out your page, but I mean I'll definitely go drop you a follow if you message to my page, don't get mad about what. smash those reaction buttons. All those game. physics are a bit off Why. I think they were perfectly. Yo Sammy Yo Samy Yow Samy with the 3000 stars around three K Yo let's. Much love Emmy Much love. Thank you for the 3000 stars you're insane. You're absolutely nuts. You know that good My Truck smells like burnt popcorn. Oh. dude, you're crazy, Hammon totally buy you a battle pass if I still play. battle pass. Yeah. it's a gift to me the battles I was disgusting. I really appreciate it. I'm like what is. he spent $10 on this? what is going on here? Yo What's up my man? Happy Fourth YT Welcome back. Yo. check if you haven't done so we are 360 - six reacts deep. You know what that means. that means we're only three only. From hitting that big 400, if you have drop a little video help us out help us out three stars Buy more White Claw I'd rather not sorry. Oh my goodness, James couldn't have said it better myself. Let's get it. yo. Dustin Thank you for the man turns out Stream's over it turns on xbox's Fortnite you think I'm playing Fornite on Xbox. Please what I look like 60 frames. No. I know, but I don't care. That tree should be gone in the next 30 behind it as well coming through the back window. Oh yeah definitely. I will rather brother with a swift driver. You would rather drive with this driver. I'm going back to Adrian 11 -year-old today enjoy the party one. Take it easy. Are you watching this? What the Says Fortnite tell em oh my goodness you're not bash your Xbox No-I play on PC with my controller. I don't play on xbox's what I look like. Do you think this is amateur hour? Yo Matt Thomas What's up Malcolm before awkward Dad Are you happy for me? No. I'm joking. No. thanks man. I want you as well guys you wanna Thank you for the 100 starting again. Happy birthday to your son and Joshua Reece coming in with the share. Brett Gaskill along with the share Dustin Smith's share the road with this. legendary Legendary legends Lesley Richelle Sorry, but I go back in the studio. It is A okay. Oh. 60 frame per second to get compared to 140 I play on 240. That's why not. happy birthday to you. Hi Juan Fortnite Meck tell em James I played it for a while. for a long time. No actually, though guys this I'll go live and I was having some Internet issues. I ended up going to help my buddy. He called me for some help. so I'm gonna I wanna help him help him fix his pool. And then I'm just chilling relaxing and enjoying the day. Yo What's up? Nate Welcome back man. Welcome back Yeah, but we will having some technical difficulties this last few days, Even right before I went live, I was having technical difficulties isn't this more boring The Fortnite it is. Still better I enjoy it more. For nights for turkeys don't. You're a hero. What do you want sitting in this chair has been excruciating? We don't need to just lock it in like a a gangster, you know. I don't know have a go you take it easy. Brennan. why you got us a stinger. Oh, in the back, Oh, I have no idea I was like what. Tell a friend looks fun, though have a good man. Thanks Nathan. Yeah. I enjoy it. I'll be Fortnite for while I enjoy this more love the truck don't care what anyone says. She's a beaut. He's a view who watch live salute Americas so celebration with President Trump, I watched the entire thing. Lexi check your messages. It's because it's a swift you can size. This is an American flag. right there. No Swift here not today. The invisible Wall and you've seen that right. It's I hope you have a license your surge. I don't. I surely don't. My wife want a hamburger, you want me to get it at seven so when she got home at 730, it would be nice and fresh and I'm going live. I'm not gonna get you a cold burger. you can eat later That is bad. It's like thanks for the burger anyway. What do I do? Yo Chadd eight likes away from 400? What you're doing out there if you haven't hit that like button. Hit that like button am I invisible. what? Okay, I will so we'll try to hack my account earlier, so I'm just getting back in there. Tell your wife to come over here we got burgers and chicken. Blackberries and chicken. That's why I don't do commitment. We're talking about. Oh my wife. That's why I don't do that. Maybe I have to be on good behavior, so I've been told derrek old I've heard. I have heard. Yo Eric Gray. Thank you for sharing Lawrence. Thank you for the Paul Griffin. Thank you for sharing. what you hauling today. you're a log loader and I have no idea what that is in the front, just a crane I guess. Yow Dall Thank you for that share buddy Appreciate it Man a hundred and 94 years in the first hour of the stream you guys are awesome man. Awesome. I tell you. Here we go. now you already know. alright. let me see what's gonna do. Got to respect them no matter how intoxicated all good move on. Yeah. it's all good. It is a okay. Alright, I don't know what to do. Let's see. Let's see I don't have to do. You lost your car, No, we still got it so I was just my wife wanted to do for dinner. morning from the East. What's up? You're welcome, you guys know I don't eat before I go live because I don't plan anything in my life. I just kinda go with the flow. Yup. That's how. All the way it's like that. And oh now on the spot. What It's going to be a full moon Lunas, what someone told me and the fourth of July really I need to go outside a little bit more. I guess yo. thank you for the share much love. Chaz Mumm chicken Taco salad but it looks good. It too. Now, I'm hungry, I can't talk about food, ladies and gentlemen, I mean the food and it makes me hungry. Alright so just chill. What game is that David this is American Truck Simulator everybody. Hey, what's up? What's the name of this game? American trucks in there buddy? Okay, you gotta go. gotta go take it easy there sounds good. Baby Peter's Baby before I go one more thing before I hey. Yo let's go. Derek Turn it up man. I'm just thinking about food, my mind is gone. Forget about the hot on the grill they're done. Nice good cuz I was getting a little hungry, not gonna lie now. I'm gonna lie. Playing Eur truck night and that's awesome. Awesome man Good girl. Be careful man. well Goss It's about fireworks time come back for a BAD now, you're good. We're about to hit the hour. I'll I'll wait till she gets home and then we'll I'll take her. Out here in our I do. Okay. didn't I did but okay on the way. Parks Give me a shout out to my mate. Keyes Yo shout out I was making sure that wasn't a shout out man. Happy birthday. Give me some crawfish. It's not how I really say that please don't judge me The Crawfish Boil With the money grow on tree over here-I'm it all the paintings Oh yeah. I don't have that. See that thing on this okay. Yeah you do. I know that's everybody is nice noise I like it. Oh easy don'tcha let's say 500 likes on the video. I'm ready. You're ready. I'm ready you haven't reach over hit that like button baby turn up with us shout out, he said. She is my neighbor drives. Oh boy hey time for another drink and some food. see you all later. I was good y'all be hopping on here in a minute I didn't one, but I didn't wanna not stream so I figured I would get a little one and let you guys know that I'll be taking the wife out to do something a little bit. We definitely have a-b a-b time tonight, but you guys. Don't you got there? She is there. Love I have one. I bet I have an accent on there as well, so I can't start out today. I can say. Oh boy. Good to know. pinwheel or windmill. Yo What's up? Michael How you doing you do. Oh man happy Fourth you and everyone in the chat you say to you, Brian saying to you man. It doesn't work you gotta be careful. I say pinwheel. Kennywood I don't. I can't I can't we're talking about I can't. Right They chadd, I was not trying to think of food. now. I think I was freaking food. Stuart What game is this? This is the American Truck Center there. Jeremy. There. oh baby. brakes weren't working. Everybody's joking here it's okay. Keep doing it. keep it lit. texting and driving. That's no. no. yeah. I know I know we're talking about food. so it's kind of okay. It's kind of okay right guys. as long as we're talking about food. Yo Cameron. What are you for the share? Bro? I believe I can fly. That's exactly what I was thinking Mikey. I got at the same thing I did. I do. Pinwheels What that was the difference? will pinwheel. Pinwheel. Will we? Is that what we're talking about? Good on that one. secure yeah. Oh Betsy, I know, but I had it both ways a couple of times. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm new to you. I'm in the UK I wanna say happy fourth. yo welcome Richard I wanna go to the UK one day so I was gonna go one place in the world. It would be the UK. so welcome. Richard Hope you're having a good one. Yo what's up? Lexi Lexi I mean what's up? yo? What's Seth and what were you talking about? We talk pinwheels that we agree. We're talking about. Right before the baby, I'm not sure this is that we're talking about wheel and will is that what we're talking about the difference between those two just say yes and I'll understand it. I'm out here like she just got here and my brain is not working today. What's up what's up? look it out. I got time for you mister Grell. Yes. Okay. Yeah, I'll say we'll at I will so don't feel bad. We're talking about a pinwheel and a What stop let's just give up this is never gonna end. Come to the UK, I introduce you to the queen and make you a nice. Now, How's that work. I was in the UK. is it I don't know. He has no ties to America right. But not anymore, I don't know. like citizenship was. could you just move to your care? You have to do all the installations like any other country. I'm gonna go play with fireworks be back later. we'll play with fire, You'll pee in the bed. Jody FYI if you wanna be in the bed. there you go yo Cha. We're only halfway. to 500 reaction from 400 to 500. 450 likes if you haven't reach over hit that like button hit 500 before we end the short term. Not good, not good. What how does playing with fire? Make you be the bed? you never heard that you never heard to play with fire. It makes you feel a bit piece of it. Maybe I'll just blamed it on fire joking. Be a no Sherwood and we don't drink alcohol, Derek Hayle with a 295 - five stars' legendary man. Thank you. Derek appreciate it brother just move here with a twisted though, maybe I'll just blamed the Oh God someone just got ATS, Where did you get a steering wheel? Google will be the first place. Pickle What a pickle? Is. Ridiculous Oh, it was loud there. I'm gonna hop off and make my drink and drive. it is Mike Marino. What's up man? Thank you for the I wanna share or just pop up at the bottom of the screen. I'll see you Yo. what's up? Mike. I just had a weird, not put your name on it. What's up? Mike how you doing? Yo? What's up welcome. Easy Yeah. I'm about to go get some dinner a little bit. I wasn't even gonna stream but we're out here. Man. we're out here we had some things we had some bumps in the road but we're out. Oh, Nothing. Maybe I just blamed it, I keep reading the same comments because Myst off for some. Yeah it, but you have to still apply for a work visa and things like that I have American resides in Yorkshire that. So I'm guessing that would be the same for some coming from the UK to America. I'm assuming. What is that game called it's called. the Americans. Oh my goodness. On the yellows over here and you know what I hear. Hey, dad. What's up? Joe How you doing man you drive you drive right here. Sorry. Read comments And that's me. This is the GPA. I'm a little. Fix the music stuff No what test is more in the see how it goes. I just don't think it at the beginning of the spring of the play just for that, you know getting affect the Dream for people tuning in. I think starting I think waiting 30 minutes or 45 minutes or so and see if there's a you know. Yeah. Yo Joe Live in the thank you for the share. Brandon Morriss Thank you for sharing. Happy fourth. Hi chadd if you haven't done so reach over and hit that like button. How far are we we're almost to 500 Y'all gotta turn up with us? I gotta turn up, let's say 500 reactions before we end this No maybe no. Hey no. Let's go bro, you're tired now. I'm about to about to go get some food and then we're back for the night. I didn't really wanna stream because I didn't wanna do a short video but I didn't want to so. We're just wrecked the Satan himself. Holy. Glad I can tune in and watch it. I could call you poop. Turkey I love having I love you too man. And that Hummer annihilator Dina. We're. right in this new stuff, indeed, look at that that thing just took our whole soul away. Chad will do this. I don't eat and I think Yeah, I'm yeah. I'll be hype. Yeah one mention of food and I'm like. Oh my God. I'm so hungry. feed me. What's up? What's up happy for you? What's up? Blake welcome the only thing I don't like about ATS e- two at ETS and no damage I know I know I thought about playing Be in Gsm, but I'm so tired, it's late here every time you crash it scares me stop. I don't no promises no promises that I could see how that might give you a heart that it kinda gave me a heart attack And I'm gonna wait but I'm I'm sorry. There's no promises. I'm not right. Go eat yell at me. Okay. That is here. right. Yeah, it was. there's no getting out of this one buddy. In the seat of crime of the felony, yeah, it'll be the first time. that a butt. but if we continue to do it. It's the flags. so what did I just say? Don't you screw with me? Okay? Don't you screw me into that be Indians also the soft physics, but it's a pain in the backside. The camera angles are literally everything else I know is unknown. Hi guys. you know. it's a rough day for me so just pop in for five only on the phone and say no matter where your money is smile and laugh. and found upside down. Let's go. That's all I hope you're having a great day man get a hashtag. Screw cancer in the chat can we get through cancer or if you wanna you can say cancer? Alright. so on the count of 3123 hashtag cancer. Alright. that's for you. man. That's for you. Doug. Got you man. I hope you have a good day bro. Beat cancer I like it. Be careful. oh my goodness you're too much. I care with you. We got some Adkins Yup. tell em tell em. Legendary Legendary every 20 - four likes away from and don't forget to hit the What happens if you fall water, I could try look. What we get. Cancer sucks Yes it does alright Chadd My wife is pulling up any minute. I'm gonna go ahead and. I get punched in the face. don't cuz I'm starving. I thought it was a good idea to go live. I also thought she was gonna pick up food for you on their own. It'll be a great wife. If anyone ever wants to talk on me, don't ever struggle, Everyone is My name is nice man Much love bro. Sorry man. I hope it gets better and indeed. I believe you said that. And it's never fun man. so thank you. Chad You all made my day a whole lot better. you know you ask me to do it yesterday. Doug did you think I don't forget you think I was gonna forget about. Never Are you okay? It's a little hungry. I'm gonna go now. that's the way you guys over here we go who we got. English speak English. I know I get this. But there's a hotdog drive a truck. Ari Tip here. Oh so sweet. love you all got back for help sounds good and call much love. good luck. Take it easy. Enjoy the day Send them my love Doug I chat. I love you. We're back on and I'm out in no time. and a matter of no time guys. Alright. Alright. Alright. good talk. We're back on in about. Two hours for that a-b a-b baby turn the heck up two hours like that, we'll figure it out. I love you.