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Facebook for Business


Win over more diners with Facebook for restaurants.

Stay in step with your customers who operate in a mobile-first world.

Connect with the world's largest food community on Facebook and Instagram to increase awareness, drive consideration and increase loyalty for your food experiences. Today's mobile diners can order whenever and wherever – so be there when they're hungry.

Create awareness and demand using Facebook ads for restaurants

Create crave.

Generate awareness and demand by sharing your offerings with a huge and hyper-engaged food community on Instagram and Facebook.

Drive visits and actions using Facebook advertising for restaurants

Drive visits and actions.

Efficiently reach a massive, on-the-go audience at their "point of hunger": in the few hours leading up to when they make decisions about where and what to eat.

Bring customers back to your restaurant with Facebook ads

Bring them back.

Boost brand loyalty by providing personalised value, offers and convenience to your best customers.

Digital commerce guide for restaurants

Learn how Facebook can help your restaurant brand engage customers throughout their journey, from discovery to purchase to loyalty.

Example of a Facebook canvas ad from Jack in the Box on mobile

13-pointlift in ad recall

Jack in the Box

Read their story
Success story

Jack in the Box

This popular fast-food chain used video ads and Canvas to increase awareness of its Declaration of Delicious campaign, resulting in a 13-point lift in ad recall.

Success story

Panera Bread

The bakery and café chain supplemented its TV advertisements with Facebook video that introduced people to its Rapid Pick-Up programme, increasing consideration intent by six points.

Example of a mobile Facebook video ad from Panera Bread

6-point lift in intent

Panera Bread

Read their story

Turn up the heat on sales.

Find the right Facebook advertising solutions to help you meet your business goals at national, regional and local levels.

Promote your restaurant's experience in a Facebook video ad

Show off your menu.

Give people a taste of your restaurant experience with attention-grabbing video ads.

Get your restaurant to connect with the Instagram food audience using Instagram ads

Reach the foodies.

Connect with one of the most engaged and enthusiastic food audiences on the web.

Use Facebook Store Visits ads for promoting your restaurants based on user location

Drive store visits.

Create ads with location-based relevance for people who are near your restaurants.

Show your restaurant's menu items automatically to customers with Facebook dynamic ads

Promote the right eats.

Automatically showcase and rotate a variety of options from your menu.

Let customers know about your restaurant mobile app with Facebook App Install ads

Get more app installs.

Encourage diners to come back to you by getting them to download your mobile app.

Facebook is a key platform for us to enter into new markets and find strong lifetime customers. We can target certain postal codes and provide relevant content based on peoples' locations. Facebook now accounts for up to 40% of our overall traffic.

Rei-Ling Dulebohn

Senior Marketing Manager at Munchery

Blueprint e-learning

Local or regional franchise? Learn how Facebook can work for you.

Online course

Creative inspiration for businesses

Online course

Free and simple tools to create Facebook ads on mobile

Online course

Welcome to Marketing on Facebook.

Online course

Successful campaigns best practices

Hungry for more? See Facebook restaurants in the news.

Reach more diners in your area.

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