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App Events for experiences in Messenger

App Events help you understand and track key events that take place in your Messenger experience. This is done automatically for several activities but can also be done manually by logging custom events from your bot using Graph API calls.


Before you can begin, you'll need to register your bot with Facebook. See our Messenger Platform Quick Start Guide to learn more.

Automatic Event Logging

App event logging is automatic when your Bots for Messenger app interacts with a user. To create your own events to log interactions or events that are not logged automatically, see the Logging Custom Events section.

Predefined Events for Messenger Bots

The events in this table are logged automatically by the Messenger Platform.

Event NameDescription


The bot has received a message.

Message Received Event ParametersDescription
fb_messenger_bot_message_typeThe message type.
fb_messenger_bot_message_template_typeThe message template type.


The bot has sent a message.

Message Sent Event ParametersDescription
fb_messenger_bot_message_typeThe message type.
fb_messenger_bot_message_template_typeThe message template type.


The user has interacted with an element that initiated a postback, such as a call to action (CTA) button, persistent menu or structured message.

Postback Called Event PrametersDescription
fb_messenger_bot_postback_eventThe postback event name.
fb_messenger_bot_cta_idThe ID of the CTA.
fb_messenger_bot_cta_kindThe type of the CTA.


The bot was unblocked by the user.


The bot was blocked by the user.


A message thread was deleted by the user.

Logging Custom Events

In addition to the predefined events, bots can log custom events by using the Application Activities Graph API endpoint.

The following table describes the properties and values that must be provided to the endpoint to log a custom bot event.



Specifies the event type.

Use CUSTOM_APP_EVENTS to indicate that this is a custom event.


Specifies the custom event details.

Use a JSON-encoded array to specify your custom event details.


Specifies whether advertising tracking is enabled.

Use 0 to disable and 1 to enable


Specifies whether advertising tracking is enabled at the application level.

Use 0 to disable and 1 to enable


Specifies the event source.

Use a JSON-encoded array with a single value of mb1 to indicate that this event comes form a Messenger bot.


Specifies the page ID associated with the messenger bot that logs the event.

Use the Facebook page ID of the page associated with the bot.


Specifies the page-scoped user ID associated with the messenger bot that logs the event.

Use the page-scoped user ID provided to your webhook.

Purchase Event Example

The following example demonstrates how to log a purchase event using Javascript with Node.JS.

var request = require('request');

  url : "https://graph.facebook.com/<app_id>/activities",
  form: {
    event: 'CUSTOM_APP_EVENTS',
    custom_events: JSON.stringify([{
      _eventName: "fb_mobile_purchase",
      _valueToSum: 55.22,
      fb_currency: 'USD'
    advertiser_tracking_enabled: 1,
    application_tracking_enabled: 1,
    extinfo: JSON.stringify(['mb1']),
    page_id: <page_id>,
    page_scoped_user_id: recipientId
}, function(err,httpResponse,body){ 

Verifying Event Logging in Facebook Analytics

If you're an admin or a developer of a bot for Messenger, you can validate that you've correctly implemented custom event logging in Facebook Analytics. Please see our documentation on debugging events in Facebook Analytics to learn how to verify that events are being logged.

Special Considerations for Analytics with Bots for Messenger

  • A bot can provide interactions for multiple pages. In these cases, events from interactions with all of the pages are visible in the bot app.
  • Multiple bots can be linked to a single page. In this case, when the page is blocked, all bots linked to the page will receive a fb_messenger_bot_stopped event.
  • The Messenger bot conversation deleted number can be higher than the New User Activity number. Messenger bot conversation deleted is the number of times a user deletes a thread. The bot can initiate additional threads after the users deletes a thread. The additional threads can be deleted by users which increases the Messenger bot conversation deleted number.

Facebook Analytics

Since app events are logged automatically, you can start using Facebook Analytics immediately. This analytics channel provides demographic info about the people using your app, offers tools for better understanding the flows people follow in your app, and lets you compare cohorts of different kinds of people performing the same actions.

See our documentation for Facebook Analytics for more information.