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Audience Guides

Use these guides to create and target your audiences.

Customer File Custom Audience

Build the target Custom Audiences from hashed customer information.

Audience Rules

Determines whether someone is added your custom audience. Used for different types of custom audiences, including Website Custom Audiences, Mobile App Custom Audiences, Store Visit Custom Audiences, and Offline Custom Audiences.

Lookalike Audiences

Target people most like your established customers. Lookalike audiences take several sets of people as "seeds" then Facebook builds an audience of similar people.

Engagement Custom Audiences

Build audiences based on people who engaged with your content on Facebook or Instagram.

Mobile App Custom Audiences

Build audiences based on peoples' actions in your app that meet your criteria.

Website Custom Audiences

Create a custom audience of users who visited or took specific actions on your website using Facebook Pixel, JavaScript Tag API, and audience rules.

Offline Custom Audiences

Create a new audience from a group people who visited your store, made calls to your customer service, or took action offline and target them with Facebook ads.

Store Visit Custom Audiences

Create a custom audience of users who visited a store.

Dynamic Audiences

Dynamic Ads enables you to show people ads based on their cross-device purchasing intent. You can collect signals of user intent from mobile apps and websites then use this data to build an audience to target prospective customers.

Audience Network Ads

Facebook's Audience Network serves ads on other publishers' apps and mobile websites. Then, use our targeting options to find an audience within those apps and websites.

Share Custom Audiences between Business Managers

Establish a relationship between Business Managers so you can share Custom Audiences.