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Get Started

Before You Start


  • You must have a Facebook Marketing App. If one doesn’t already exist, in your App dashboard, click Create App. See Create a Facebook Marketing App.
  • From App Review and Features, assign the following required permissions:
    • business_management—Allows the creation of Business Managers
    • ads_management—Allows the ability to read and manage ad activity for admins and developers of the app
    • Ads Management Standard Access— Gives higher rate limits and allows users (who are not admins or developers of the app) to manage and create ad accounts.

Even though Ads Management Standard Access is optional, without standard tier access, certain features of the Marketing APIs cannot be used.

These permissions enable your app to create Business Managers on behalf of the end user.

App Review requires your App to be public, no longer in development mode. We recommend to add basic settings, such as an App icon or logo, in your App dashboard. Learn more about App Development.

Need Help?

If you need help with your 2-tier solution, see Support.