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Live video data streamed to a broadcast’s ingest stream URL must meet the following specifications. Videos must include both audio and video data and cannot exceed 8 hours in duration. Do not switch settings mid-broadcast.

Video Settings

Resolution — 1280x720
Frame Rate — 30 FPS
Frame Type — Progressive Scan
Keyframe Interval — 2 seconds
Pixel Aspect Ratio — Square
Video Bitrate — 4 Mbps maximum for 720p, 9Mbps for 1080p
Video Codec — H.264 Main Profile (MP 77), H.264 High Profile (HiP 100), CBR

Audio Settings

Audio Codec — AAC
Sample Rate — 48kHz
Audio Bitrate — 256kbps
Channel Layout — Stereo






GET /{live-video-id}/polls

Get a collection of VideoPolls on a LiveVideo.

GET /{video-poll-id}

Get fields and edges on a VideoPoll.

POST /{live_video_id}/polls

Create a VideoPoll on a LiveVideo.

POST /{video_poll_id}

Update fields on a VideoPoll.

Error Codes

Error messages will be sent via RTMP then will persist through to the Graph API. You can use the broadcast/video ID and query for the errors in the Graph Explorer tool via a GET request. Errors returned will contain the error code, description, and a timestamp.

error_subcodeError SummaryDescription

Live Copyright Violation

Your live video has been stopped because it may contain audio or visual content that belongs to a different Page.


Upload Problem

There was a problem and your video was not uploaded. Please try again.


Live Video Not Deleted

There was a problem and we were not able to delete your live video. Please try again.


Editing Via Video API Is Not Allowed While Live

Editing a live video using the Video Edit API is not allowed. Use the live video ID.


Generic Stream

There was an error during the stream


Live Video Does Not Exist

The live video you are trying to access does not exist in the system any more.


Privacy Setting Required

You need to set a privacy before going live.