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Facebook SDK for iOS

Build engaging social apps and get more installs

See the Changelog or Upgrade Guide for more information. Includes Facebook frameworks. Requires Xcode 11.

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To make your app compatible with the latest iOS, be sure to use the latest Facebook SDKs for iOS.

If you link to the SDKs with CocoaPods, you must update your pods for the SDKs your app uses and recompile your app. You can also download the latest version of the Facebook iOS SDK, integrate it into your app, and recompile.

Component SDKs

The Facebook SDK for iOS contains five component SDKs that you can connect to individually.

In the iOS SDK


Powerful data, trends, and aggregated, anonymized audience insights about the people interacting with your app.


Drive installs with Mobile App Install Ads. Increase engagement with Mobile App Engagement Ads. Find your target audience with Custom Audiences for Mobile Apps.


A secure and convenient way for people to log into your app or website using Facebook.


Allow people using your app to share, send a message, or like content. They can also share Custom Stories with Open Graph.

Graph API

Get data in and out of Facebook's social graph, query data, post stories, upload photos and perform other tasks.

App Events

Understand people's actions in your app and measure the effectiveness of your Mobile App Ads.

An open standard to deep link to content in your app.

Related SDKs

Download and integrate the Audience Network SDK for iOS to monetize your app with Facebook ads. Monetize your iOS apps with Facebook ads using Ad Banners, Full-Screen Ads, and the Native Ad API.

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Terms of use for Facebook's open source SDKs

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