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IG User

Represents an Instagram Business Account or an Instagram Creator Account.

This node allows you to:


This operation is not supported.


GET /{ig-user-id}?fields={fields}

Get fields and edges on an Instagram Business or Creator Account.

Query String Parameters

  • {fields} — a comma-separated list of fields you want returned. See Returnable Fields.


A Facebook User access token with the following permissions:

Returnable Fields

  • biography*
  • id*
  • ig_id
  • followers_count*
  • follows_count
  • media_count*
  • name
  • profile_picture_url
  • username*
  • website*

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are public fields, which means they can be returned by an edge using field expansion.

Sample Request

curl -i -X GET \

Sample Response

  "biography": "Dino data crunching app",
  "id": "17841405822304914",
  "username": "metricsaurus",
  "website": "http://www.metricsaurus.com/"


This operation is not supported.


This operation is not supported.