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Version 9.0

Graph API

Released Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 | Available until February 23, 2023 | Blog post


Deprecated endpoints

Deprecated in v9.0+. Will be deprecated in all versions February 9, 2021.



Applies to v9.0+

IG Media IDs and IG User IDs can now be used with the Instagram Ads API to create ads. See the Instagram Ads API changelog entry for more information.


Applies to v9.0+. Will apply to all versions on May 9, 2021.

IG User follower_count values now align more closely with their corresponding values displayed in the Instagram app. In addition, follower_count now returns a maximum of 30 days of data instead of 2 years.

Marketing API

Released Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 | Available until August 25, 2021 | Blog post

Asset Customization Rules

Deprecated Endpoints

Deprecated in v9.0+.

  • GET /{asset_customization_rule_id}/

Note: You can still query individual asset customization rules via the asset_feed_spec field on the ad creative node.


Deprecated Bid Strategy

Applies to v9.0+

The target_cost bid strategy has been deprecated. Starting with v9.0, you can no longer create or update ad sets or ad campaigns with this setting. Instead, we recommend using cost cap bidding.

Deprecated Billing and Optimization Option

Applies to v9.0+

Starting with v9.0, CPA billing for app ads is deprecated, you cannot set both billing event and optimization goal to APP_INSTALLS. Instead, we recommend using the impression billing events.

You can still specify APP_INSTALLS under billing_event or optimization_goal, but not both at the same time.


Endpoint Access Restrictions

Applies to all versions.

Access to the following endpoints is temporarily limited to apps that have queried them within the last 90 days:

Catalog API

Product Sets

Applies to v9.0+. Will apply to all versions February 9, 2021.

By default, the DELETE /{product_set_id} endpoint can no longer delete product sets while they are being used in active ads, shop collections or other usages. To override this behavior, include the new allow_live_product_set_deletion=true parameter in the request.

Instagram Ads API

Applies to v9.0+

Starting with v9.0, you can use the Marketing API to create Instagram ads from existing Instagram posts. See Use Posts as Instagram Ads, Instagram Posts. As part of this change, we have updated the following endpoints and fields, as described below.

These endpoints can now return Instagram User ID (IG User), if available:

These endpoints now accept Instagram Media ID (IG Media) and Instagram User ID (IG User) as a parameter:

This endpoint now accepts Instagram Media ID (IG Media) as a parameter:

This field can now return an Instagram User ID (IG User), if available:

Lead Ads

Lead Retrieval for Dev Mode Apps

Applies to v9.0+. Will apply to all versions February 9, 2021.

Starting in v9.0, you will not be able to retrieve leads if your app is in Dev Mode. For testing purposes, Dev Mode app users can access leads submitted by someone with a role in that same app. See App Roles. Apps in Live Mode continue to have access to all leads.

The rules are different for business apps, since they do not have Dev and Live modes. If you are running a business app, you must request Advanced Access for the leads_retrieval permission to be able to retrieve leads.