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App Categories

Categories help users discover new apps to fit their needs. The following list provides categories and their descriptions to help you choose the most accurate categories for your app.

Categories Description Examples

Business and Pages

Apps that help businesses with sharing, collaboration, and planning.

Package tracking, remote desktop, email management, page apps

Community & Government

Apps that support local events, local organizations and associations, government agencies, or political organizations

TrackBill: Congress & State Government Legislation


Apps that are focused on teaching skills and subjects

Arithmetic, alphabet, writing, early learning and special education, solar system, vocabulary, colors, language learning, standardized test prep, geography, school portals, pet training, astronomy, crafts.


Apps that are designed to entertain the user, and which contain audio, visual, or other content.

Television, movies, music, books, fan clubs, theatre, ringtones, voice manipulation, ticketing services, art creation.


Apps where the primary interaction is to play a game with no other goal. Games can be either single or multiplayer. Please note: a subcategory must be selected for Games.

Action, bingo, board, builders, card, card battle, match 3, MOBA, poker, puzzle, role playing, runner, simulation, slots, sports, strategy, trivia and word.


Apps that focus on lifestyle or personal improvement including blogs.

Religion, travel, blogs, parenting, fashion, home improvement, health, fitness

Messenger Bots for Business

Apps that connect

businesses to people

through Messenger bots

Alerts, subscription, information about a business


Apps that focus on current event topics such as politics, entertainment, business, science, technology, etc.

Network news, daily news

Quizzes and Horoscopes

Apps that generate personalized results based on a series of questions or your social profile.

Quiz apps, horoscopes, predictions


App relating to shopping and purchasing goods

Purchase goods, find products, product reviews

Social Networks & Dating

Apps that connect people to networks

Dating apps, professional networks, social networks


Apps that connect

people to people

through text, photos, voice, or videos

Text messaging, voice messaging, video communication, photo & video sharing

Utility & Productivity

Apps that focus on organization, problem-solving, or improving processes.

GPS navigation, file sharing and storage, question and answer forums, check-in apps, password management