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Business Verification

Business Verification is a process that allows Facebook to verify your identity as a business entity. This is required if you will be requesting Advanced Access for your Business Type app, that is, if your app will be accessing data owned by other businesses.

If your business type app only requires Standard Access, your app is only accessing data your business owns, you do not need to verify your business.

Business verification does not affect App Review. However, if your app has successfully completed App Review but your business has not yet been verified, your app will not be able to access approved permission or features. Business verification applies to your developer account and affects all of your apps.

For other app types, verification will is dependent on the permissions and features you are requesting during App Review. Many permissions require either business verification or individual verification with limited access or no verification. The App Dashboard permission/feature request form will indicate whether verification or verification is needed.

Your app will be prevented from using any approved permissions and features related to the following products, while in Live mode, until you complete the business verification process:

Get Verified

Learn more about business verification and how to get your business verified in the Business Help Center.