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App Review is a process that enables us to verify that your app uses our Products and APIs in an approved manner. It is dependent on your app's use of individual Permissions and Features while in Live Mode.

App Modes

Apps in Development Mode can be granted any Permission, but only from app users who have a Role on the app or a Role in a Business that has claimed the app. This effectively limits an app's user base to only those users who have a role on the app or Business.

Apps in Live Mode can be granted Permissions by anyone, but only Permissions that have been approved through the App Review process. This expands an app's user base to everyone, but restricts which Permissions can be granted to the app, even by users who have a role on the app or Business.

Features work similarly to Permissions. Although app users do not grant Features to apps, Features are only active in Live Mode and must be requested and approved through the App Review process.

If your app needs to be in Live Mode, it must first undergo App Review for each Permission and Feature that it requires. If your app can remain in Dev Mode and only by used by users who have a role on the app or Business, App Review is not required.

App Review Tab

The App Review process starts in the App Dashboard > App Review tab. After you have completed all app development, follow our Submission Guide and use the App Review tab to request approval for the Permissions and Features that your app needs. You'll be asked to describe how they are used and to upload screen recordings showing your app using each of them. In addition, you'll be asked to provide us with test credentials so we can test your app and verify that it's in compliance with our usage policies.

Screen Recordings

As part of the submission process you will likely be required to upload screen recordings showing your app using each Permission and Feature that you are requesting. We've created a Screen Recording guide that explains what to capture in your recordings.

Submission Status

Once you have submitted an App Review request, you will receive periodic Developer Alerts notifying you of your submission status. These alerts will appear in the Developer Notifications menu (the bell icon in the upper-right corner of the App Dashboard) and in your Developer Alert Inbox (App Dashboard > Alerts > Inbox). You can also check your submission status using the App Review tab (App Dashboard > App Review > Requests).

It typically takes us less than one week to process your submission, and often takes only 2–3 days, but may take longer during peak periods.


If your submission has been approved you will receive a Developer Alert indicating which Permissions and Features have been approved and which have been rejected, if any. Any Permissions that have been approved can now be granted by all app users, including users who do not have a Role on the app or Business. Any Features that have been approved will also now be active.


You will receive a Developer Alert if you are rejected for one or more Permissions or Features. The alert will direct you to the App Dashboard > Requests tab, where you can click on your submission results and read the reasons for any rejections. The submission results will include basic guidance and links to specific Support topics that will help you address any problems that resulted in the rejection.

New Submissions

It's quite possible that you may later add new functionality to your app that requires additional reviewable Permissions or Features. The process for requesting new Permission and Features is the same; complete all app development and use the App Review tab to create a new submission.

If your app is in Live Mode, you won't be able to test any unapproved Permissions or Features. Although you can solve this problem by switching your app back to Development mode, we recommend that you instead create a Test App and use it to test any new Permissions and Features your app needs. When you resubmit your Live app for review, include the test app's ID in any Permission or Feature usage details.

Product-Specific App Review

Some products require specialized review steps. When you add any of these products, their product tab will appear in the App Dashboard along with an App Review section that lists any specialized Permissions, Features, and instructions.

Product-Specific App Review is independent of general App Review, so in order to submit for Product-Specific App Review you must use the respective product's tab.