Get ready for watchOS 7.

Develop even more powerful and personal apps for Apple Watch with the new capabilities of watchOS 7. Brand new APIs and tools, like multiple complications APIs, SwiftUI Complications, and Xcode Previews, let you create customized faces quickly and easily. And with Face Sharing, people can share your complications via Messages, the web, and more.


New ClockKit APIs let you create multiple complications for each complication family. Design an entire watch face filled with your app’s glanceable information that your watchOS and iOS apps can install. SwiftUI also lets you easily enhance many complications with custom elements, rendering effects, and precise placement and layering of your SwiftUI views.

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watchOS 7 brings SwiftUI to all aspects of watchOS app development. Navigation patterns are aligned with other platforms to bring watch-specific representations of tab views and list views. Navigation bars can now be fully customized using SwiftUI to allow for custom elements, tinting, and dynamic changes at runtime. With many complications now allowing SwiftUI views, you can write custom elements once and reuse them within your watchOS app and complications while taking advantage of the power of SwiftUI gradients, stacks, and more.

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Xcode 12 + SwiftUI

Xcode 12 pairs with SwiftUI to make watchOS app development easier and quicker than ever. You can now create watchOS apps without Storyboards, so your apps are fully based on SwiftUI. Take advantage of the canvas to preview your complications on multiple watch faces as you make changes. This makes it easy to see how tinting affects SwiftUI views and helps you deliver a best-in-class experience to customers.

SwiftUI on watchOS now supports

Tools and resources.

Use Xcode 12 and these resources to build your apps for watchOS 7.

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