Success Story

A tasteful launch

Local gourmet ready-to-eat food service uses granular geo-targeting to find new customers when entering a new market, generating 70% of new leads through Facebook pre-launch.
  • 40% of referral traffic comes from Facebook
  • 70% of new leads came from Facebook when Munchery launched in Seattle
  • 10X greater click-through rates compared to other channels

Their Story

A fresh take on dinner

Munchery is a food delivery startup founded in 2010. Based on a daily rotating menu that uses only fresh, local ingredients, it began by serving the San Francisco and Berkeley markets in California, expanding to Seattle in July 2014.

Their Goal

Setting the table in Seattle

Since the company started, Munchery has used Facebook to stay top-of-mind with current clients. Recently, the company’s Facebook advertising goal has shifted to find new clients in all of its markets.
Facebook is a key platform for us to enter into new markets and find strong lifetime customers, because our business is very geo-restricted. We can target certain zip codes, and provide relevant content based on peoples’ locations. Facebook now accounts for up to 40% of our overall traffic.
Rei-Ling Dulebohn, Senior Marketing Manager, Munchery

Their Solution

Storming the Pacific Northwest

Tempting hungry diners

Munchery focused on busy Seattle professionals and placed link ads in desktop News Feed and mobile News Feeds that featured beautiful photography of expertly prepared meals.

Geo-targeting through zip codes

Munchery only delivers to a limited area, so the company targeted its Seattle launch campaign to the specific codes where the service is available. As it expands, Munchery can continue to use zip code targeting to reach people in the new delivery territory.

Building a following through Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences

Munchery targets and gains new customers using Custom Audiences to reach existing customers (based on its own customer email lists), as well as to remarket to people who have visited its website (based on website tracking information). Munchery uses Lookalike Audiences to find people whose profiles are similar to its best customers.

Tracking conversions

Munchery placed a conversion tracking pixel on its checkout page to identify users who complete the entire checkout process. The company also uses a conversion pixel to track new signups on its email landing page.

Driving app installs

Munchery uses Facebook’s mobile app ad ads to drive app installations, making it easier for customers to engage with the company and place orders.

Their Success

Winning a new market

Facebook proved to be the perfect recipe to reach Seattle residents. When the service launched, an amazing 70% of new leads came from Munchery’s Facebook marketing.
Across all of Munchery’s channels and target areas, Facebook continues to deliver 30–40% of referral traffic. In addition:
  • 70% of new leads came from Facebook when Munchery launched in Seattle (July 2014)
  • 3X–10X greater click through rates compared to other channels (January–December 2014)