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Messaging is making communication with customers faster, easier, and more personal.

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Messaging businesses is the new normal

People are increasingly using messaging apps to connect with their favorite businesses

+55%Over 55% of people say being able to message a business helps them feel more personally connected to the brand.1

+61%Over 61% of people say messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business.2

1 in 2More than 1 in 2 people surveyed across 15 markets consider business messaging the "modern way to communicate."3

Getting the conversation started

The fastest way to start messaging is to show visitors that you want to receive their messages. In many cases, people won't message a business if they're unsure whether the business will respond. Help people have the confidence to message you.

3 ways to encourage people to message your business

Create a messaging post

Create a post suggesting that people message your Page to ask questions, book an appointment, make an order, or whatever you want to hear from them about. Add a “Send Message” button to your post to make it easier for visitors to take action.

To make your post stand out, we've created “Open for Messaging” banners that you can add to your post.

Create a Post

Download "Open for Messaging" banners

Create a Messaging post to promote Facebook Messaging to your business

Add a Send Message button

You can add a "Send Message" button to the top of your Page. Visitors who tap or click the button will be brought directly into a Messenger conversation with your business.

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Learn how to update your CTA button

Add a Send Message button to your Facebook page

Driving business results with messaging

Businesses are booking services, managing orders, sending shipping information, and selling products, all through messaging.

Booking classes, and winning hearts, with Messenger

Nikki runs Art with Heart, an art studio that inspires kids in her community to be more creative. Her customers have various ways of connecting with the studio, but the majority choose Messenger. Messenger makes it easy for customers to have a real-time exchange directly with the business.

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40% of Art with Heart's bookings come from Messenger

25 messages received per week on average

9 classes booked with Messenger per week on average

Success story of Facebook Messenger

Growing sales and communicating with customers with Messenger

Amanda is a busy mom and entrepreneur, running her embroidery business out of her home. Her Facebook Page is her primary digital presence, and she uses Messenger to handle customer relations. With Messenger she can do everything from managing orders to chatting with customers.

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90% of customer orders are placed through Messenger

15 hours saved per week by using Messenger (estimated)

75% of customers discover Amanda Sews through Facebook

Success story of Facebook Messenger

Ready to get started? Head over to your Page and try one of the messaging tips above.

More business messaging resources

Download the “Open for Messaging” Banners

Use these banners in your posts encouraging people to message you. We have a range of banners to suit your business type and goal.

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Discover how people are increasingly turning to messaging apps to connect with businesses around the world.

Messaging eLearning Course

Enroll in this free eLearning course from Facebook Blueprint. Learn more about messaging trends, how to get more messages, and what to do once you start receiving messages.

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