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DaVinci Resolve for iPad 4+

Blackmagic Design Inc

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DaVinci Resolve for iPad
DaVinci Resolve for iPad is the world’s only solution that combines editing and color correction in one software tool! Its elegant, modern interface is fast to learn and easy for new users, yet powerful for professionals. DaVinci Resolve lets you work faster and at a higher quality because you don’t have to learn multiple apps or switch software for different tasks. That means you can work with camera original quality images throughout the entire process. It’s like having your own post production studio in a single app! Best of all, by learning DaVinci Resolve, you’re learning how to use the exact same tools used by Hollywood professionals in high end post production studios!

Turn work around fast using cut page editing!
The cut page is perfect for projects with tight deadlines that you have to turn around quickly. It’s also great for documentary work. The cut page has a streamlined interface that’s fast to learn and designed for speed. Features such as source tape for visual media browsing, fast review, and smart editing tools help you work faster than ever. The sync bin and source overwrite tools are the fastest way to edit multi-cam programs, with easy to create perfectly synchronized cut aways! With DaVinci Resolve you’ll spend more time editing and less time hunting for shots.

Hollywood’s favorite color corrector!
The DaVinci Resolve for iPad color page is Hollywood’s most advanced color corrector and has been used to color and finish more high end feature films and television shows than any other system! It’s also approachable with features designed to make it easier for new users to get great results while they continue to learn the advanced tools. For example, primary control sliders will be familiar to anyone who’s used image editing software, making it easy to adjust contrast, temperature, mid-tone detail, saturation and more. The color page has an incredible range of primary and secondary color grading features including PowerWindows™, qualifiers, 3D trackers, advanced HDR grading tools and more!

Blackmagic Cloud Collaboration
DaVinci Resolve for iPad supports the revolutionary Blackmagic Cloud, a whole new way of collaborating using cloud based workflows. Simply create a Blackmagic Cloud ID to log into the DaVinci Resolve Project Server and set up a project library for your project. You can assign any number of collaborators to a project, using Blackmagic Cloud to share projects. Multiple people can work on the same timeline! When changes are made, you can see and accept them in the viewer, changes are only applied when you accept updates. A single click can relink files, update timelines, or view changes. Built in timeline compare tools let you merge changes into a master timeline so others can continue with edits.

AI Tools for Creativity
DaVinci Resolve features cutting edge AI processing powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine. Tools such as magic mask need only a single stroke to locate and track people, features and objects in a shot. You can make characters stand out in an under lit shot, or invert the person mask and stylize the background. Smart reframe repurposes footage to dramatically different aspect ratios by recognizing the action in a scene and panning within it so you can quickly create square or vertical versions for posting to social media. Voice isolation lets you easily remove loud, undesirable sounds from interviews and dialogue recordings from noisy locations. AI tools create quick, accurate results saving you hours of time!

Recommended for use with Apple iPad Pro M1 or newer models. Earlier iPad models may be restricted to HD, and memory limitations may limit some features. DaVinci Resolve projects (drp) and project archives (dra) are fully compatible with DaVinci Resolve 18 on desktop. Supported file formats include H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Blackmagic RAW. Supports the Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil as well as Studio and PRO XDR Displays.



Key Features
• Multiple cut page improvements.
• Support for Blackmagic Cloud Presentations.
• DaVinci Neural Engine based subtitles from audio in Studio.
• DaVinci Neural Engine powered text based editing in Studio.
• Per-timeline Resolve Color Management.

• Multiple timeline display improvements.
- Support for subtitles in the cut timeline.
- Enlarge a track by clicking on icon in the track header.
- Options to display clip names and indicators.
- Improved smart indicator and edit point display.
- Out of sync indicators for edited sync clips.
• Multiple timeline action improvements.
- Automatically detect and create captions from timeline audio.
- Perform DaVinci Neural Engine scene cuts in the cut timeline.
- Add audio, video and subtitle tracks.
- Split and join adjacent clips.
- Ripple option to toggle ripple edits on main track.
- Add markers and set default marker color.
• New edit actions.
- Ability to create split edits by rolling or trimming audio.
- Alt or Option trim to bypass ripple and add a gap on the main track.
- Trim and extend edit clip start or end to playhead.
- Resync misaligned synced clips.
• Reorganized toolbar for quick access to view options and edit actions.
• Right click on smooth cut to access favorite transitions on the toolbar.
• Cut page track numbering unified with other pages.
• Export current frame as still from media, cut and edit viewers.
• New motion graphic effects templates and transitions in cut and edit.

• Per-timeline Resolve Color Management.
• Support for matte finesse post-filter controls in Magic Mask.
• Ability to undo Camera RAW changes for each clip.
• Ability to set composite mode in the corrector node.
• Support for marker overlays and annotations in the viewer.
• Support for showing missing LUTs as a viewer overlay.
• Ability to manage missing LUTs from the LUT manager.
• Ability to sort stills, LUTs and PowerGrade albums in the gallery.
• Generated LUTs now include spatial Resolve FX DCTL effects.
• Automatic background refresh of gallery stills for multi user projects.
• Improved highlight mode behavior during HDR grading.
• Ability to copy and paste Vivid HDR trim metadata between clips.
• Improved performance when grading HDR footage.
• Up to 2x faster spatial noise reduction in Apple silicon.
• Improved tracking and cache management for Magic Mask.
• External matte node labels now default to the matte file name.
• Node label is now retained when converting to a shared node.
• Support for Leica L Log color management.
• Color space and gamma options are now organized by vendor.

Resolve FX
• AI-based Resolve FX Relight to add virtual lighting in Studio.
• Invert Effect option in Resolve FX Glow for a dark glow effect.
• Option to export Resolve FX Flicker Addition analysis as an alpha channel.
• Ability to swap in and out colorspaces in Resolve FX Color Transform.
• Improved handling of blanking in Resolve FX Depth map analysis.
• Improved patch replacer results at patch edges.
• Bright region recovery control for Resolve FX Glow and Light Rays.
• Automatic input and output management for Resolve FX grading nodes.
• Dragging a Resolve FX now applies it as a color grading node.
• Alt or option drag a Resolve FX to create an FX node.
• Support for smart initialization of OFX alpha mixing state.
• Alt or option resize selection to preserve ratio in warper and surface tracker.






あの高機能多彩の“神”と崇められるアプリDavinci Resolveが



















軽く触ったレベルでのレビューです。 今までのモバイルOSではフレーム単位やピクセル単位で移動したりカットしたりが出来なかったので、それだけでも価値があります。 それだけでなく、PC版と比べればやはり機能縮小版ですが、オプティカルフロー(フレーム保管)等は使えるので、これ以上の神編集アプリはなかなか無いと思います。少なくとも無料の編集アプリと比べたらこれ以上使いやすくて高機能な動画編集アプリは無いと断言出来るでしょう。 resolveは慣れるまではだいぶ癖のあるアプリですが、慣れれば非常に便利です。PC版とほとんど操作方法は変わらないのでPCを持っていないけど、PCで動画編集するとなった時に操作で戸惑いたく無い人にもおすすめできます。 起動速度も他の動画編集アプリに比べたら遅いですが、PC版のresolveと比べたら10倍以上は早いです。 今までは操作感や機能面で話しましたが、最適化面でもバッチリです。 私はiPad Pro gen3を使っているのですが、24fps→60fpsフレーム保管(高品質 画質優先)をH265で書き出しても20fps以上は常時出るような速度です。 これ以上の編集アプリは無いと断言できるので、A12以降のiPadを持ってる人はぜひ触ってみてください。 追加して欲しい機能は詳細?エクスポートの実装です。今はクイックエクスポートしかないせいで264、265とProResしか設定項目がありません。 ビットレート設定や音声の有無なども指定したいので是非実装していただきたいです。 動画編集ソフトらしいタイムラインは公式から実装しないと言われているみたいなので諦めましょう(私もその1人)


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インストール後に起動すると、タイトル画面表示後に即落ちた。 いったん、アプリ削除後にiPadを再起動してから、もう一度インストール実施したところ起動に成功しました。 他にも落ちている人が多い様子ですが、iPad再起動後の再インストールは試す価値があるかもしれません。 とりあえず使ってみてその後の経過なども追記してゆきます。


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